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How to earn Reward Points

50 to start with

Sign up to our reward points scheme and get 50 reward points right away.

5 per £1 spent

Every time you place an order you'll get 5 reward points per £1 you spend on our products.

Social Media

Get 100 reward points for following us on Facebook and another 100 for following us on Instagram!

Birthday Surprise

Get 100 reward points when it's your Birthday. Why? Because we love you!

Your Rewards

£1 Voucher

Earn 100 points and receive a £1 voucher

£5 Voucher

Earn 500 points and receive a £5 voucher

£10 Voucher

Earn 1000 points and receive a £10 voucher

20% Discount

Earn 1500 points and receive a 20% discount code

30% Discount

Earn 2500 points and receive a 30% discount code

40% Discount

Earn 5000 points and receive a 40% discount code

Reward Points Tiers (Earn Points Quicker!)


This is where you start. Earn 5 points for every £1 you spend


Reach 2500 reward points and get 250 bonus points.


Reach 5000 reward points and get 500 bonus points.


Reach 7500 reward points and get 750 bonus points.

Refer a friend and get a £5 voucher each

Send your referral link found in your account (click the button below) to your friend, they click it, create their account and place and order and they'll receive a £5 voucher. Once the referral has been verfied you will also receive a £5 voucher as a thank you.


Vouchers have a 6 month life-span before they're invalid. This cannot be undone so please make sure you use the vouchers before their expiration date.