5 Easter wax melts without the calories!

Woohoo! Easter is just around the corner, chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Along with the all that chocolate, let's get your house smelling gorgeous as well - here are 5 scents that will make Easter even more memorable... You could even get your kids/partner to do a little treasure hunt with them!

A moorishly strong scent (a little goes along way) this scent has all the joy of opening up the foil and bashing those segments until they split - mmmm, just one segment, or all of them! .... but hey this is just the smell (so please don't eat them - it wouldn't end well!) perfect if you are trying to cut back on the Easter calories!

Nostalgia alert!! Remember going into a sweet shop, all those wonderful jars full of deliciousness and then you see them ... the red and yellow pear drops! Well here they are in wax melt form :-) This scent really takes you back to those wonderful days of simple pleasures, which fits in nicely with Easter as it's such a fun time of year, so go get your bunny ears on and join in!

Reminiscent of the gorgeous perfume, this inspiring scent has an uplifting quality that is delicate yet powerful. Like freshly picked flowers it brings the outside in (without the mud!) if your not a "flowery" kinda of person, give this one a go, we think you will be pleasantly surprised, this is definitely a scent that will keep on giving... Very popular with Cosy fans.

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh cut grass! A natural gift from Mother Nature, that sweet unique smell, conjuring up images of beautiful lawns, the soothing sounds of a lawnmower and the knowledge of longer days on the horizon. This scent will transport you to those warm spring days - dew on a spiders web, buzzing bees and daffodils blooming ... a day full of possibilities!

Sit back and relax and let us whisk you away to childhood trips to the seaside, smelling the air and listening to the sound of the seagulls ... Ahhh memories! The fresh vibrant scent is mixed with the sweet aroma of melon & lime giving it a lovely undertone of fruitiness. All the joy of the Beach without the sand in your un-mentionables!

We hope you enjoy these wax melt suggestions!

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