5 things you can do with leftover wax

Is it wax change over day, but you don’t want to just chuck it in the bin? We have some helpful tips so you can get the most out of your soy wax melts once you’ve finished warming them.   

1. Make your own scented pouch

Scented pouches are a good way of keeping your draws, wardrobes and cupboards smelling fresh all year round. Using an envelope, old socks or even a handkerchief place the used wax melt inside and seal. This might include a bit of sewing if it is a sock or handkerchief, alternatively if you are not handy with a needle tie it in a knot.  

Next time you go to get a shirt out of the wardrobe or a pair of undies out of your draw you’ll be hit with a lovely subtle aroma. 

2. Make your own candle

This is a great way to not only reuse your wax but also old jars that may be laying around the house. Jam jars and coffee glasses are perfect for this and once washed out thoroughly will make for a great upcycled candle. 

Many places online or local craft shops sell candle wicks to place in your upcycled jars and using a glue gun or glue dot you can secure the wick in the centre of the jar before pouring your wax. 

When you’re ready to add your wax reheat your warmer and blow out the candle or turn off the plug.

Allowing the wax to cool but not solidify will allow you to pour the wax without burning yourself or damaging your surfaces if spilt. 

Once poured allow the candle to solidify or dry before adding another layer. This is a great way to keep layers of different colours separate and make a pretty rainbow effect. We have tried this out ourselves and found it incredibly fun. 

3. Make your bin smell nice

Our bins get a lot of abuse and filled with so much nasty smelling used things that they can hold onto lingering smells. In between emptying and cleaning your bin you might find you need a little something extra, especially if you have cooked something exotic. 

Using your finished wax melt on wax change day, sellotape it to the inside of the bin. This will ensure your bins odour is neutralised and is a great way to use up the last bit of scents from your melts and freshen the scent around the bins too.  

4. Keep the bathroom smelling fresh

If you love having a nice smelling bathroom a great way of achieving this without using a tea light burner or reed diffuser is to place some of your pre loved soy wax melts on a dish or into a pot to place on your window sill. 

This is a safe way of scenting a small bathroom other than reed diffusers. Find a nice little side plate or even an old lunchbox and not only are you reusing your wax melt but your repurposing something that would otherwise be gathering dust in a cupboard or find its way to landfill. 

5. Make your own tea lights 

We all use plenty of tea lights in a year so a good way of reusing your spent scentless wax is to make your own. This can be a fun activity to get the family involved in too. 

Save the tea light dishes and once cleaned out and re wicked they are ready to pour your old wax straight in. Craft shops often sell items to help you make your own tea lights such as wicks and sustainers. Simply wick the candle using a glue gun or glue dot as mentioned in tip 1. Be careful while pouring your wax so as to not burn yourself. 

These tips are a great way to not only get the most of your soy wax melts but to also repurpose some of your pre loved or used items lying around the home. These tips can be a fun way of getting the family involved and interested in repurposing instead of just disposing of everyday items. Do let us know if you have tried these tips and how they worked out for you. 

Happy reusing :)