5 things you can do with leftover wax

Ever wondered what you can do with your preloved/used wax melts?

Try these craft activities to have some fun reusing and up-cycling. You'll also be doing your bit at reducing everyday waste.


1. Make your own scented pouch


What you will need:

  • preloved wax melts
  • envelope / socks / handkerchief
  • needle and thread (optional)


Scented pouches are a good way of keeping your draws, wardrobes and cupboards smelling fresh all year round. 

Using an envelope, old socks or even a handkerchief, place the preloved/used wax melt inside and seal. 

If you're handy with a needle and thread, sew the pouch closed.

Alternatively the easiest way is to tie a knot in the pouch. Who's going to see it anyway?

Then, Viola! Next time you go to get a shirt out of the wardrobe or a pair of undies out of your draw you’ll be blessed with a lovely subtle aroma. 


2. Make your own candle


What you will need:

  • preloved wax melts
  • jam jar / ceramic teacup
  • candle wicks
  • glue gun / sticky dots
  • scissors


Start hoarding those jam jars!

Making your own candles is a great way to reuse old wax melts and up-cycle glass or ceramic food containers. And think of the colours you could make them into. 

All you will need do is secure some candle wicks onto the bottom, inside part of the jar. We use glue guns to this however sticky dots will secure them also.

(Amazon and local craft shops sell candle wicks in all sizes, just make sure you get some that are slightly taller than the candle container)

When you’re ready to add your wax reheat your warmer, wait for the wax to fully melt and then blow out the candle or turn off the plug.

Allowing the wax to cool but not solidify will allow you to pour the wax without burning yourself or damaging your surfaces if spilt. 

Keep the wick centred with a clothes peg until cool. Then using your scissors, snip the excess wick so only 1cm is visible.

And that's it... you've made your yourself a one of a kind, handmade candle.


If you fancy getting even more creative, try making a layered candle.

Simply follow the previous steps, but fill a little layer of wax at a time. Let cool and solidify, then repeat with different colours until the jar is full.

We have tried this out ourselves and found it incredibly fun. 


3. Make your bin smell nice


What you will need:

  • preloved wax melts
  • sellotape 
  • a bin in need of some scented goodness


Our bins get a lot of abuse and filled with so much nasty smelling used things, that they can hold onto lingering smells. 

In between emptying and cleaning your bin you might find you need a little something extra, especially if you have cooked something strong. 

Sellotape your preloved wax melt to the inside of the bin. We find the inside of the lid is usually best.

This will help neutralise your bin's odour and is a great way to use up the last bit of scents from your melts.


4. Keep the bathroom smelling fresh


What you will need:

  • preloved wax melts 
  • small dish / bowl


If you love having a nice smelling bathroom, a great way of achieving this without using a tea light burner or reed diffuser is to place some of your preloved soy wax melts on a dish or into a small pot to place on your window sill. 

This is a safe way of scenting a small bathroom other than reed diffusers.


5. Make your own tea lights 


What you will need:

  • preloved wax melts
  • empty tea-lights
  • tea-light candle wicks


We all use plenty of tea lights in a year so a good way of reusing your preloved wax melts is to make some of your own. This can be a fun activity, so get the family involved with it too. 

Now you can either order empty tea-lights online, or be a super re-cycler and save the ones you've used already (you will just need to get some small candle wicks).

And it's super easy. Just pour the used and melted wax melt straight into the empty tea-light. 

pop the candle wick into the wax until it touches the bottom. No need the glue the wicks down first. they should stay in place.


What do you think?

At Cosy Aromas we are always looking for new ways in which to re-use and up-cycle our products and containers.

We know it's better for the environment plus they are fun activities to do with the family.

You could even hold a family competition of who makes the prettiest, the ugliest, the most colourful up-cycled products. GO NUTS!

These tips can are a fun way of getting the family involved and interested in repurposing instead of just disposing of everyday items. Do let us know if you have tried these tips and how they worked out for you. 

Happy reusing :)

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