5 Wax Melts to put a "SPRING" in your step!

Hello & Welcome to the wonderful world of Cosy Aromas, many of you are massive Cosy fans already and we love you for that, if you've not yet come across us, buckle up, you are in for a "scentastic" treat!

At Cosy we hand pour our highly scented soy wax into either 28g samples (perfect "Try It" size) and 110g Cosy Pods ("I seriously love this smell" size!) With over 110 scents and constantly developing "scentsations" being made on a monthly basis, you're sure to find a scent you love (call us biased but we think you will luuurve many!)

So grab yourself a cuppa and let us get your scent juices flowing with our top picks for SPRING 2021.

Juicy Orange Wax Melt

Zest, zing, and zipee-dee-do-da! Juicy Orange packs a deliciously fruity punch that will have you searching for the oranges you swear you didn't buy! For the fruit lovers out there this scent is just divine, the fresh, tasty orange will get your nosebuds and tastebuds tingling!

Fresh Linen Wax Melts

Nothing shouts "SPRING is in the air" quite like the scent of clean, fresh sheets blowing in a warm breeze. Fresh Linen also has a nostalgic nod to opening your mum's airing cupboard and taking a long deep breath (how did she get that smell?!!) it's uber relaxing and will fill you with a sense of calm and contentment. A real winner and hugely popular.

Aloe Vera & Cucumber

Yeah we know "Ello Vera" has been the butt of many a joke over the years but this amazing little plant's properties (to be fair it's bordering on magical?!) has the power to uplift and refresh your mood, combine this with the unique waft of cucumber and suddenly you are transported to a spa .... Where's that robe and slippers?! Have you tried Aloe Vera & Cucumber?

Spring Bouquet Wax Melts

Imagine walking into a florist ... that wonderful eclectic scent of fresh, floral and earthy tones is just how Spring Bouquet transforms your home, it's an absolute delight! If it's raining outside, who cares? you are quite happy dancing around in your "Spring"fest!

Thai Lime & Mango Wax Melts

Wow, wow and triple wow! Thai Lime & Mango is a riot on your nose, packed with vibrant, refreshing fruitiness, you are sure to feel upbeat and revitalised . A sure fire way to bring home a sense of Eastern magic! Get a Thai curry in the go and bobs your uncle, no need to step out your front door!

So, what do you think? Have you tried any of these Spring inspired wax melts? Give them a go and tag us on Instagram @cosyaromasuk

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