All you need to know about soy wax melts scent throw

Here is the first in a series of blog posts all about the benefits of scented soy wax melts. This weeks blog post is all about scent throw, what it is, what it means and the different types of scent throw. 

Wax melts have a better scent throw

When talking about wax products words such as scent throw, cold throw and hot throw are chucked around. But if you are new to the wax melt scene I can help you through what these words mean.

Scent throw is the name given to the smell and aroma that is given off by a scented wax product. Scented wax products are a great addition to your house and make great gifts. But you always want to get one that smells nice and gives off a good scent throw when cold. The stronger the scent throw when cold (solid wax) the better it will be when lit. So go ahead and give that cold wax melt or candle a good sniff before you buy it. You don’t know unless you sniff it! Our Fresh Linen Cosy Pods are a great sniff-able scent when cold or hot. 

The difference between cold and hot scent throw is as simple as it sounds. One is hot and one is cold. The hot scent throw is the name given to the scent that is emitted from a scented wax product once heated and/or lit. For our wax melts that it when the scented wax melt is in the warmer and it is switched on or lit. The scent given off from the wax when hot can be slightly different but is a strong steady aroma that fills your room with wonderful scent. The slow release of the scent due to the slow warming ensures you are able to use and reuse your scented soy wax melts again and again.

A wax melt has higher scent throw for longer periods of time than say a candle. This is due to the amount of fragrance oil to the amount of wax used, as well as the lack of flame. The lack of flame on a wax melt means it warms through gently ensuring it is able to give off its scent evenly and for longer period of time. Wax warmers are a great centrepiece to a side table, and can often replace lamps. Ours is in our living room and guests always comment on how pretty it is.

Our wax melts are great for lasting long periods of time and can be rewarmed again and again. We have an ever growing library of scents so you will always find something that suits you. Subscribing couldn’t be easier and you’ll receive 6 large 80g soy wax melts every month. That tallies up to an impressive 480 hours of scent throw every month! What about when you can no longer smell a scent from your wax melt? Just dispose of it when the scent has gone and pop in your next choice.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to pop back next week for the next instalment of "What are the benefits of scented soy wax melts?"

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