An Important Update - Please Read

Hi everyone,

We hope you are all ok.

Firstly, we apologise in advance but this is a long post and it’s regarding all the changes happening at the moment.

This post covers our new packaging, VIP, pricing and reward points.

There’s a lot of changes happening here, some were forced upon us by unreliable packaging suppliers and others are because of the huge increase in costs we’re experiencing at the moment. 

We need you to understand that these changes we’re implementing have taken a long time to decide upon, we’re being as fair as possible to our customers whilst ensuring we’re able to not only survive but continue to invest into new scents and products. 

The reason why these have taken some time to implement is because we have been faced with rising costs in raw materials each month this year so far and we didn’t want to make changes and then have to keep making more changes. Things have started to stabilise a little at the moment, so now is a good time to make these.

There will be lots of people who understand and accept these changes, and there’ll be others who aren’t happy, we know that, but we needed to make changes and have spent a HUGE amount of time working on the best solution for all.

We totally get that the cost of living has increased significantly and we’re eternally grateful you still manage to buy our products. This is why this has been such a difficult decision to implement.

That being said, rest assured we aren’t ‘just upping prices’. What we’re doing is ensuring you get value for your money and are rewarded generously whilst we try to not run at a loss.

Let’s get into it.

Cosy Pods

As you know, our 110g Cosy Pods are no more, we were unable to get the packaging any longer as they were single use plastic and therefore our supplier was being faced with a large plastic tax bill which was introduced in April. 

We have therefore switched to a new 90g pod with little heart segments. These segments are very easy to pop out, you don’t need to remove the whole wax melt in order to break bits off.

These new pots are also made from recycled plastic bottles, so they are no longer single use plastic.

We’re also changing the wax in these too, it’ll be a little harder meaning it’ll snap much easier and won’t crumble like our 110g pods.

To help with the raw material cost increase, these products will remain £5.99

The existing 110g wax melts are now in our ‘clearance’ section and will be removed when they run out of stock.

25g Mini Melts

These are now being phased out and will not be restocked any further. So what we have on the website under the clearance section is all we have of these. We’re unable to maintain a product at this size, it’s just not possible with the margins and quantities needed to be produced.

New 50g Wax Melts

We have introduced a new 50g segmented wax melt pod. These are £3.49 so are better value for money than the 25g wax melt and are a good alternative to our 90g versions for those of you who are trying a scent for the first time or who would like to try more scents for your money. 

These are also in the new easier to snap wax, however, some have been poured using our existing softer wax so you might receive one which is a little crumbly, but they will all be changed to the new wax.

Price increases:

  • Room sprays are now £10.99
  • Tin candles are now £10.99


We have temporarily removed the candles from our website. We are redesigning these to make them much more fitting for most homes. We’ll update you on progress at a later date.


We no longer have the bundles as they used to be. Now we have an ongoing bundle maker across our 90g and 50g wax melts which is buy 6 and get 2 free. This’ll be ongoing and can be used multiple times per order if you wanted. The more you add the more you save!

Simply add any 8 to your cart and use code MELTS at the checkout.

Reward Points

The vouchers you can redeem are changing as follows:

  • 100 points = £1 voucher
  • 500 points = £5 voucher
  • 1000 points = £10 voucher
  • 1500 points = 20% off voucher
  • 2500 points = 30% off voucher
  • 5000 points = 40% off voucher

More good news: You can now use your reward points on anything on our website, including limited edition products.

As you’ll see the £20 vouchers no longer exist and have been cancelled. We’re no longer able to maintain having £20 vouchers available. It was good while it lasted, but these are no more and the points will be refunded back into your account.


We’re reintroducing our reward points tiers, so when you earn a certain number of reward points within a year you’ll open up different levels meaning you can earn points quicker:

  • Tier 1 (where you start) = 5 points per £1 spent
  • Tier 2 (when you’ve earned 2500 points) you’ll get 250 bonus points
  • Tier 3 (when you’ve earned 5000 points) you’ll get 500 bonus points
  • Tier 4 (when you’ve earned 7500 points) you’ll get 750 bonus points

These tiers aren’t backdated and start as of today.


The VIP Membership will be our 90g wax melts and the price will remain at £17.99 per month which includes free delivery.

However, there are now different options for VIP

  • VIP Lite - 2 x 90g wax melts each month (new scents) - £11.99
  • VIP Classic - 4 x 90g wax melts each month (as it is now) - £17.99
  • VIP Deluxe - 4 x 90g wax melts, plus 2 other surprise items from our collection each month - £26.99

This means those of you who need to save some money can still enjoy a taste of VIP and those of you who really want to treat yourselves can get a little extra with your VIP box.

Not only this, but VIP (classic & plus) Members will now vote on which 2 scents join our permanent collection each month, meaning 2 will not stay permanent. Therefore giving members more control over what we stock.

We will also have 5 ‘Golden Pods’ each month which are added at random to VIP boxes (any level). If you get one of these pods and message us with your code you’ll win a prize!

Not only this but you’ll still get your 1000 points every 3 months too.


Our postage costs are now as follows:
Tracked 48: £3.75
Tracked 24: £4.75

Free postage has been dropped to orders over £30 instead of £35.

Bath & Body

We have been working very hard over the past 10 months to perfect our brand new bath and body range.

We are delighted to be able to introduce you to this now, there are lots of products to choose from and we really hope you love these.


We’ve had a makeover! As we were making so many changes we thought now is a great time to give our website a little overhaul too, it still works in much the same way as it did, but it’ll look different and we’ve introduced a new navigation system to make it easier for you to shop your favourite products.

That’s it!

A lot has been happening as you can tell, but we’re confident that these new changes will mean you still receive excellent value for money and are rewarded for your generosity.

Thanks everyone.

Questions & Answers

Why are you making these changes?
Our costs have increased by around 25% in 2022 and we haven’t yet passed that on to our customers. So this is our way of doing this as fairly as we can.

We hadn’t intended to remove our 110g wax melts, but due to our supplier no longer stocking these we had no choice but to change.

Why is the wax melt size decreasing but price staying the same?
This is to help balance out the cost increases we’ve faced with raw materials this year. If we were able to keep the 110g wax melts then the price would have to increase. 

Why have you stopped the £20 voucher?
It’s no longer viable for us to be able to offer this size voucher. When new products are launched we find that around £2000 worth of these products are given away for free, this makes it harder for us to launch new products.

What happens to any £20 vouchers that I have?
These will no longer work and the points will be refunded back into your account. If you haven’t received the points please message or email with your voucher code (copied and pasted, not a screenshot) and we’ll get them added on for you.

How do I change my VIP box?
If you sign into your account you’ll be able to ‘swap’ your box to a different level. If you need help please message or email and we’ll sort it for you.

Has the refer a friend scheme changed? 
The refer a friend scheme is the same as before and hasn’t changed. If you introduce a friend they will receive a £5 voucher and so will you.

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