April 2020 VIP Subscription Unboxing

The last month has been a very worrying time with the Covid-19 virus so we put together this months box to bring a smile to everyone and spread a little joy.

We’ve created a range of scents from different scent categories including floral, perfume, clean and fresh and sweet/fruity. The feedback from this months selection has been incredible.

Purple Rain

Based on an incredibly addictive fruity cocktail this scent has sweet notes of cranberry, lemon and lime with the alcoholic edge of vodka. A beautiful scent.


A strong scent reminiscent of a perfume with notes of tangerine, freesia, sandalwood and vanilla. A great scent if you enjoy strong perfume scents.

Fleur De Jasmin

A strong long lasting jasmine scent. A great scent for floral lovers with an aroma identical to freshly picked jasmine on a warm summers day.

Deep Sea Minerals

A clean and fresh scent that will fill your home with a wonderful strong laundry inspired aroma.

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