Christmas scented soy wax melts and candles

Christmas will soon be here! I know some of you won't be happy to read the dreaded C word. But here at Cosy HQ we love all things Christmassy. 


What does Christmas mean to us?

Christmas is a big part of our family lives and is a big event each year. Full of fun, singing, traditions, decorations, gifts and lots of love. We always spend our lead up to Christmas worrying about the gifts we bought everyone, will it be good enough, will they like it, will they use it? It's a very human thing to worry about the gift you have bought a friend of loved one. And an emotion that is shared by many of us. 

But most of all what Christmas means to us is family. We have always been close to family and that is what we love about Christmas time. We love spending time doing things that the rest of the year we don't do. For example go to the panto, eat lots of chocolate (ok maybe I do that all year round 😁) and have a drive to see the lights.  


Cosy Candles at Christmas

This will be Cosy Candles first ever Christmas so we are busy planning like crazy to bring out lots of fun exciting scents and new product lines for you to enjoy.

We are busy planning and mapping out the amazing aromas we are looking at bringing you in a few different waxy forms. We will of course be sticking with our tried and tested safe environmentally friendly soy wax. As you know we pride ourselves on our highly scented soy wax melts so we will be working tirelessly making and testing out the new lines before they are sent out to you. 


What would you like to see this Christmas?

We have so many ideas on our drawing board! We would love to hear from you. We want to hear all the ideas you have and the fun scents and gifts you'd like to have available. 

So if you have any ideas on the following do get in touch as let us know. We want to make what you want!  

  • Scents
  • Shapes
  • Colours
  • Packages 
  • Gift sets


Thanks for reading, remember to get in touch with your ideas.

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