Flame free fragrance in an electric wax warmer

Here is the second in the series of blog posts all about the benefits of scented soy wax melts. This week we talk about the benefits and safety of wax melts and warmers.

Flame free and safe in an electric warmer 

Wax warmers come in many different shapes and sizes with various patterns. Some wax warmers are lit with a tea light under and others by electric. Here we talk about the safety of these options and you can decide which type you think is best for you.

Electric wax warmers

Scented wax warmers come in many different options. One of these is the electric warmer. The electric warmer is often chosen as a safer option as it is flameless. And is therefore seen as a safer option for those who have children and pets at home.

Electric wax warmers are easy to use and up keep too. Place the scented soy wax in the top dish, which is located right above the lamp. This is a standard place for all electric warmers where ever you buy yours from. Once turned on the slowly warming bulb will gently heat the wax and release the wonderful aroma.

Some electric warmers have the option to be able to remove the top dish, which helps with cleaning and disposing of the wax and gives you the option to change the lightbulb too. Alternatively some electric warmers are sealed units and do not have the option to dismantle at all.

Tea light burners

Tealight Burners come in many different shapes, sizes and colours and can create a very relaxing environment.

They require a tealight candle to be placed in the base, with the wax in the dish directly above the flame. Always use an unscented tea light when warming wax. This will ensure you get the perfect burn and do not get conflicting scents. Like the electric warmers the tea light ones come in many differing forms including those where the top can be removed for cleaning easily and those that are unable to be dismantled.

In conclusion I personally would choose an electric scented soy wax warmer over  tea light burner everytime. I have had both so am speaking from personal experience. This is because for me having a flame free warmer is very important. I am always aware of the dangers of flames around children and pets so the electric warmer is always going to be my go to. Flames and children don’t mix. We all know that and want to keep our children and pets safe but also want to have the luxury of lighting a wonderful scent. Well there is no need to worry, simply light an electric warmer for wonderful aromas without the flames!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to pop back next week for the next instalment of "What are the benefits of scented soy wax melts?"

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