Wax Melts - Are they safe to use in my home?


How do I know that wax melts are safe?

When we created Cosy Aromas back in 2018 we wanted to ensure that we were using the best ingredients possible, this meant making it paramount that we not only sourced amazing and highly scented fragrances but also that the end product was safe to use.

What do we mean by safe to use?

We mean just that!

We want you to have the knowledge that while you are sitting back and enjoying the beautiful aromas dispersing around your home, you can do so with peace of mind knowing that your wax melts are not going to emit harmful chemicals.

To achieve this we looked at the three main components to a wax melt, so let’s look at these individually. 





We decided on using Soy wax because it has a lower melting point which means there is a lower risk of burn injury should there be a spillage. It also has no chemicals and is 100% natural. 

What are the benefits of soy wax being 100% natural?

Soy wax is made from the soybean, yes that's a vegetable, but no it will not count towards one of your 5 a day when you melt it! 

And because it’s made from soybean it means it:

  • Lacks harmful chemicals
  • Does not interfere with the fragrance release 
  • It’s non-toxic so it is safe to melt around children and animals 
  • When disposed of correctly, it is environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean from most surfaces

As a responsible company we want to limit our carbon footprint where possible, so choosing soy wax from a renewable source, was an important aspect of our wax melt venture.




All of the fragrances we use have been carefully sourced and are fully compliant with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations.

What does IFRA mean for me?

IFRA means that the compounds used in synthetic fragrances have been approved (through strict scientific testing) to be perfectly safe to use in your home.

It also means that any home fragrance company is responsible for ensuring that these guidelines are followed.

For example, the correct percentage amount of fragrance is mixed with to it’s soy wax counterpart.

Why do you use synthetic fragrances instead of essential oils?

Synthetic fragrances are designed to be used in home fragrance products, making them ideal for wax melts. They are also:

  • NOT tested on animals
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Paraben free

Did you know that a variety of essential oils are toxic towards pets. While the scents are beautiful, if you are using wax melts or candles that are fragranced with essential oils, you could unknowingly be causing harm to your beloved pets.

All of our wax melts come with CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) information labels to identify key factors as per legislation.

I have a dog who loves to get into everything. Are your wax melts safe to use around them?

In a nutshell, Yes!

At Cosy Aromas HQ we are accompanied each day by our lovely Border Collie, Willow.

While she is a demanding madame, she is more than content being around highly fragranced wax melts all day, this is due to us using natural wax and synthetic fragrances. 

We would never do anything that would put her in harm's way and this includes the ingredients we use in her company.

**Just be mindful that wax melts are NOT consumable and should be kept safely out of reach of children and animals alike.



At Cosy Aromas we pride ourselves in providing you with vibrant coloured wax melts. I mean who doesn’t want some extra colour in their lives?

We researched and extensively tested the best coloured dyes out there. And to our excitement we found the ideal ones.

We can confidently say that these colours will last and last.

Did you know that we coordinate our product labels to match the colour we make the wax?

So a sneaky, little tip… keep an eye out for the background colour on the labels to know in advance of what colour the wax will be.


So just in case you are still wondering… Why should you choose Cosy Aromas?

Each and every one of our products are hand measured, mixed and poured to ensure the quality and long lasting fragrance for you to enjoy in your home.

Our ingredients are carefully chosen to not only melt to an excellent standard and give a strong fragrance throw but also with your best interests and health in mind.

As a company, we are still considered a newcomer to the home fragrance industry and all of our team give their all into making sure that every wax melt is something they would be excited to take home themselves.

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