How to make Caramel Latte wax melts - Mixology #2

When deciding which scents to add to our mixology list we put a lot of thought into our brainstorming time to come up with a range of scents we thought most of you would appreciate. From asking questions and looking through the comments you have made on our Cosy Candles - Community Facebook group we could see a strong liking for foodie or sweet scents.

Strawberry Cheesecake was chosen from a long list as the first mixology session. This is was such a hit and got many of you trying the combination and many more, that we decided to go with another sweet scent.

We thought this time we would go with something as equally sweet but much more potent. Caramel Latte!

Which scents and why?

When looking through our Cosy Pod collection we decided that mixing Cappuccino with Treacle Toffee was the best way to attain the Caramel Latte aroma. We chose these two scents because of the aromas they present individually compliment each other.

We did think and test the idea of using Vanilla instead of Treacle Toffee originally, but it wasn’t what we where looking for in terms of a Caramel scent.

How much to use?

How much of which scent to use is always the trickiest part to get right. To make a Caramel Latte scent that was true to the name we had to test out a few combinations to ensure we got the right mix.

We, over the course of a week, chose to use varying amounts of each scent to find the best final aroma. For instance once we tried using two scoops of Cappuccino to one of Treacle Toffee. We found the Cappuccino, a very strong scent, overpowered the other scent too much.

After a few more tests we found the optimum ratio is one part Cappuccino to two parts Treacle Toffee. This gave us the perfect sweet Caramel scent that we where looking for!

Videoing it

This is the fun part. Once we have our recipe perfected we now set up the wax warmer on the table, get the camera ready and shoot! Paul takes the video into the office and works his magic on editing it and boom! We have a mixology video.

Final thoughts

We have had a lot of fun experimenting with different scent combinations for this. We highly recommend mixing scents and trying out combinations. It’s a fun way to get the whole family involved too.

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