How to use our fragrance oils in your home

Lots of our customers use not only wax melts and candles but also fragrance oils as a way to scent their homes. This is achieved through adding drops of oil to a diffuser filled with water. Once turned on the diffuser will produce a mist and emit a wonderful aroma.

Diffusers are a great way of adding scents to your home without using a candle or leaving a tea light unattended in a room or hallway you don’t often use. Some diffusers come with timers that you can set for a certain length of time and often will shut off automatically if it runs out of water, which means no need to keep checking it.

Our fragrance oils come in their cute little box and are ready to use right away.

How to use our fragrance oils

  1. Simply fill your diffuser with the recommended amount of water (this differs depending on the diffuser).
  2. Unscrew the cap and slowly tip the bottle to allow a few drops to fall into the water. Be careful to make sure you do this slowly to allow the oil to drip out in droplets.

Once you have tried the scent out you can decide if you need to add a couple more drops or if it is the right amount of fragrance for the type and size room you are using. We have 20 fragrance oils available now for you to choose from, in our most popular scents. These also make a great gift for a loved one if they are unable to, or don’t like to use candles or wax.

Studies have shown that the use of fragrances such as Lavender can be calming and relaxing, having a positive effect on mental wellbeing. Lemon & Lavender and Lavender & Chamomile have been used and recommended by our customers for creating a calming environment and to help relax them in the evening, especially after a long day at work. Setting up the diffuser an hour before you go to bed will create a calming area for you to relax and unwind. If your diffuser automatically shuts off you won’t have to worry about falling asleep either!

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