How to use your room spray

Make your home smell amazing with the Cosy Aromas range of highly scented room sprays. All you need is a couple of sprays in each room to fill your home with a long lasting aroma. Each room spray is 150ml. These lovely bottles compliment our wax melts perfectly.

What is a room spray?

A room spray is a bottle that looks a bit like a typical air freshener you’d find at the local supermarket. What makes our room sprays stand out from their cheap supermarket competitors is the recipe within. 

We have worked hard to ensure the recipe is the best it can be. Each room spray is mixed by hand to ensure the quality throughout the whole process, right through to placing the stickers on the bottle. 

Packed full with 150ml of highly scented liquid your room spray will fill the room with a delightful lingering scent. 

How do you use it? 

For best results we recommend spraying 2 or 3 times pointing upwards in the middle of your room, or on your curtains and cushions. Do not spray on hard surfaces as this may cause a slippery floor.

The fragrance will linger throughout the day and welcome you each time you reenter the room. 

What scents can I buy?

You could get your hands on a range of scent types in our room spray collections. From fresh and clean to perfume and sweet we have something for you. We are continually adding to our range so keep checking back to see what new highly fragrance room sprays are added to the collection. 

Don’t forget 

Each room spray is made using vegan friendly and cruelty free ingredients so you can shop with confidence. 

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