How we chose Baby Powder to be our first scent

Introducing our Baby Powder fragranced Soy Wax Melts

When starting Cosy Candles Baby Powder was the first scent I worked with. I was new to wax making and wanted a scent that I was sure everyone could enjoy. I sat back and thought about scents that I typically bought in shops, and online myself. I decided that I really enjoyed scents that were Clean & Fresh, and decided thats where I’d start.

I browsed online for different scents to start my experiments with and decided on a scent that I thought would be universally loved and appreciated. Baby Powder. It’s such a clean and fresh scent that makes me think about adorable little newborns! Soon I’d placed my order and was eagerly awaiting my delivery.

For those of you who are new to Cosy I am happy to welcome you into the Cosy family. I started Cosy as a way to share wonderful scents with everyone both near and far. I handpick, mix, pour and curate all the products you can buy through the Cosy Candles shop. I carefully select the suppliers to ensure high quality products and you can find out more about the safety of our products by reading our blog post How Do I Know the Wax Melts Are Safe?

I set to making the first ever Cosy Pod’s in the Baby Powder fragrance, and after some experimenting and honest feedback from family members I was ready to launch them to the world! Each step was carefully measured and assessed throughout to ensure the highest quality of products reach our shop each time. But it was also a lot of fun too!

Our Baby Powder scent has been a hit with a lot of our customers re ordering it! It was the first scent to be chosen for our first ever monthly subscription box. The highly sought after Baby Powder scent is available in Mini Melt & Cosy Pod form. Each are hand mixed, poured and crafted with the same amount of love and care as each other. Our Cosy Pod’s come in 80g pots where as our Mini Melts come in 5g heart shapes.

If you really enjoyed Baby Powder or any of the other scents you’ve tried so far please get in contact and tell us, we love hearing from you.

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