July's Wax Melt Subscription Box


Every month we currently release 4 brand new scents to our fragrance library. The first people to get access to these new exciting scents are our monthly subscribers. The subscribers get early access to these 4 new surprise scents each month at a discounted price, including postage.

Each of our Cosy Pods are a HUGE 110g and last up to 100 hours each so our subscription box is fantastic value for money. We spend a lot of time trying and testing out scents from different suppliers to ensure we bring you the best wax melts we can.

Each scent is bought at a small sample size, made up in varying scent loads and tested for a few weeks. In this time we test, test and retest the potential scents and eliminate ones we are not going to use and replace them with other ideas until we have our four winners that month.

Every month we sit down with the view of bringing you 4 scents from different fragrance categories. These categories can include sweet/foodie, clean/fresh, floral, musky/woody, luxury. Depending on the month we may have one or two from the same category. In May we had our first ever full month themed box, COCKTAIL PARTY. That month all the scents in the sub box were fruity in nature.

In July we brought you a broader range of scents including luxury, sweet/fruity, floral, and woody/musky categories. The scents in the July subscription are as follows:

Plum Rose & Patchouli

This has juicy notes of plum, cassis and rich dark fruits. Combined with spices of cinnamon. Floral notes of rose and jasmine are surrounded by sweet vanilla and sensual patchouli.

Amber & Orange

This has a velvet-like amber, incense and musk scent which are heightened with sweet orange. This wax melt creates an ambiance of warmth, sophistication and style. It is the ultimate luxury and a very strong and long lasting aroma. 

Summer Fruits

This is bursting with a range of sweet fruits and berries to really get the senses going. The main notes of this fragrance are raspberry and strawberry. Enhanced by gentle citrus notes on a sugar sweet vanilla base. The perfect scent for this time of the year. 

Feast Of Fools

This is a blend of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper with freshly cut vanilla pods providing uplifting sweetness. Our Feast of Fools wax melt with fill your home with a rich, moorish scent that lasts for hours. This months most popular scent! 

Why should you subscribe?

Getting a surprise parcel every month is like a present to yourself. Go on you deserve it. 

Many of monthly subscribers comment on the different types of scents that get delivered every month, often finding new aromas that they wouldn’t have chosen themselves to be new favourite. Receiving the surprise selection each month is a fantastic way to not only save money but to also try new fragrances and open your world to possibly new favourites.

View details and join our monthly wax melt subscription box.

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