Lemon Sherbert soy wax melts

Lemon Sherbert is one of the newest scents to hit the Cosy library.

When deciding what scents to put in June’s Cosy Pod subscription box I wanted a fresh citrus scent that’s very summery. I asked myself what citrus scents do I love, and straight away lemon popped into my mind. I have always been a fan of lemon, everything about it. My Mum has always made the best lemon meringue pie so the scent of lemon is one that transports me back to my childhood.

Our Lemon Sherbert Cosy Pods are packed full of amazing zesty scent that will tantalize your senses. Our beautiful yellow cosy pods are packed full of zesty lemon and will pack a delightful punch of heavenly scent to your visitors.

Our Lemon Sherbert soy wax melts come in two forms:

  • The Mini Melt is 5g of highly scented soy wax and comes in packs of 10. They are the most adorable little heart shaped wax melts. 

  • Our highly sort after Cosy Pods are 80g of highly scented soy wax melt. The Cosy Pod comes in a convenient plasitc resealable tub to lock in the freshness and ensure you can use and re use this delicious scent again and again. 

Or if you are like me and enjoy the surprise of receiving a handcrafted gift each month our Cosy Pod subscription box is right up your street. When signing up to our subscription box you will receive:

  • A surprise selection of 6 highly scented soy wax melts
  • Each wax melt is its own unique scent
  • Dimensions of each Cosy Pod: 100mm wide and 20mm high
  • Each Cosy Pod weighs approximately 80g
  • That's approximately 480 hours of fragrance per box!


Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the other June scents. Thanks for reading. 

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