Making Mini Heart Shaped Melts

This week has been a jam packed one, and it’s only Thursday! I took delivery of some new moulds on Wednesday and have been busy. I’ve spent hours making and moulding loads of melts and sorting designs for some extra special secret ones too. 🤫

I’ve been elbow high in glitter today. Who doesn’t love a glittery wax melt. Im planning to make loads of different batches, with different scents and shapes to bring delicious fragrances and colours to your homes. I’m also looking forward to testing them all out too. But don’t tell my husband about all the glitter!

We are getting ever closer to being able to get your first box. I’m taking a delivery tomorrow with everything I’ll need to curate your boxes ready for shipping out next week. If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for! Each box will have 480 hours worth of scent time.


So this weekend will see me making all of the wax melts, putting together all of the boxes ready to send out to you, and getting all our Mini Baby Powder Melts packaged and up on the website.

Remeber to get in touch with all your ideas for scents you’d love, or equally dislike. I love hearing from you.

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