How to make your Christmas Tree smell like your favourite Cosy wax melt


Ok, hear us out!

What about a Cosy scented christmas tree?

Whether you have an artificial tree or a real one, have you ever thought about making it extra special with your favourite aromas?

How can I scent my christmas tree?

Our Cosy products of course!

Why not grab your favourite wax melt and make it into a tree decoration. There's a couple of ways you can do this.

  • Using a 50g wax melt... open the lid and tuck a thin ribbon or thread under the lid before popping the lid back on. Make sure you leave a loop sticking out so you can hang this part on a tree branch.
  • Open up a wax melt, break off a few segments and pop them in a small organza or cotton bag. Then hang them on a tree branch. (If your tree is in a particularly warm room or near a radiator, fireplace or sunny window, please be aware that this will likely soften or melt the wax... no one wants a waxy tree) 

Or get crafty with other Cosy items, with a little imagination.

  • Room spray spritz - spray a fabric ribbon or soft decoration prior to dressing the tree. Add your now dry item to the tree for beautiful aromas.
  • A power shot of fragrance oil. Perfect for a few drops on a soft decoration like a bow or fabric decoration or a small cotton bag. (Always test a small area as some fragrance oils may stain certain fabrics and materials)

    Why not just spray the tree?

    You can do as you wish, however if you have any form of electrical items on your tree (for example: fairy lights or light up baubles) we would highly recommend to avoid spraying directly onto the tree, as added moisture can be a potential fire risk.

    When will your Christmas scents be available?

    We are launching our Christmas Collection in early November, however if you simply can't wait until then to get into the festive mood, then why not try our Santa's Emporium Wax Melt Pack, which boasts 6 wonderfully selected Christmassy wax melts for any time of the year.

    **All of these products are vegan friendly and safe to use around children and pets, however please always use responsibly and keep them out of reach of tiny hands and fluffy paws.



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