New scented soy wax melts for July!

Every month we pride ourselves with bringing you 6 new highly scented soy wax melts, and July didn’t disappoint.

June's wax melt subscription box was a beautiful selection of spring/summery fragrances and with July’s we wanted to take you further into a summery paradise! So we thought what better way to do that than take you somewhere Tropical.

July’s subscription box is full of wonderful fragrances that will tantalize your senses and transport you to the Caribbean! With fruity scents such as Mango & Passionfruit, you’ll see yourself sitting on a sun lounger surrounded by wonderful tropical sea for miles. All this without having to leave your sofa!

Wild Mint, Mango & Passionfruit, Coconut Lime, Lilac, Salted Grapefruit and Fresh Cut Grass are the wonderful aromas that make up the July Cosy Pod box and have all been carefully selected to surround you with the highest scent throw and hours of use.

With every box we endeavour to include scents from a range of categories including:

  • Fresh & Clean
  • Foodie & Fruity
  • Woodie & Spicy
  • Floral

Deciding which tropical inspired scents to use took quite a while. We wanted to make sure we gave you all a variety of scents from all the scent groups we pride ourselves on but found woodie & spicey to be a difficult one to use. We found ourselves unable to come up with a tropical scent that fit the bill.

So how did we come up with scents we’ve used for July? I sat back and spent many hours thinking about what I would associate with the tropical scents. I came up with a lot of fruit based scents, as I’m sure you would too! I did some more research both online and by talking to everyday people to find out what scents and fragrances others associated with tropical. And then our July Tropical box was born.

Our Tropical box has been such a hit with customers sharing their excitement over receiving their Cosy Pod boxes! Where you just as excited to get yours through the post?

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share your photos with us on our Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages!


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