New scented wax melts for August

Every month Cosy Candles prides itself on bring out new scents to add our ever growing library. And this month didn’t disappoint. We have had great reviews about this months scents. Many of our subscribers have been asking to purchase more of their favourite scented soy wax melts already! Usually we release the new fragrances at the beginning of the next month for general sale but this month, due to popular demand, we have done it early.  

So without further ado here are the new scents and their descriptions:

Ocean Breeze will transport you to the rolling tides. Sit back, warm this wonderful soy wax melt and relax as memories of days out at the beach assault your senses. With scent notes including sea salt, lemon, sweet melon and lime you will be whisked away to the seaside without having to worry about all that pesky sand! This beautiful blue scented soy wax melt not only smells amazing but looks it to.

Citronella is a well know summer scent with many properties. Mostly know for the bug repellent properties this soy wax melt is perfect for summer days. With lemon, bergamot, eucalyptus, chamomile notes this fragrance will not only repel bugs but also fill your home with a lovely lightly flora aroma. With after hints of lavender and rosemary this scent is not as harsh as you might think.

Gardenia is a lightly floral scented soy wax melt that will fill your home with subtle aromas and leave your guests asking what is that wonderful smell. With hints of magnolia, sweet hyacinth, gardenia and midnight jasmine this subtle but effective scent will leave you wanting more.

Raspberry Ripple is a fruity scent pack full of delicious fragrance. This wonderfully fruity scented soy wax melt will fill your home with the sweet tangy aroma of fresh sweet red raspberries. Enjoy this lovely aroma at home and be transported to fields of fresh grown raspberries without having to leave the house.

Green Tea is a herbal scented soy wax melt that will help to relax and rejuvenate your senses. With hints of lemon, bergamot and orange zest this herbal Green Tea blend is a relaxing scent perfect o have warming during your much needed at home spa days. Go on you deserve it!

Baltic Amber & Clove has deliciously musky base notes of vanilla, black amber, sandalwood and musk. This scented soy wax melt is a masculin aroma that will fill your home with a musky aroma. The muskyness is softened by the use of cashmere and clove bud. A perfect scent for those who enjoy spicy and wood based scents.

All of our new August scents are available in Mini Melt and Cosy Pod forms, so you’ll always find something to suit you.

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