The first week at our new HQ - Notes from our Founder

We've been operating out of our new HQ for 4 full days now and I am extremely impressed with how the team have immediately adapted to the new layout. With a larger building comes more protocols and processes, especially when the building is over 2 floors. But, they have hit the ground running which has resulted in one of our best ever weeks for production! Go team!

The weekend before our switch was Easter, which was a 4 day weekend therefore resulting in a large build up of orders which the team had to get through. As well as that there was another issue (as there always is!) where we had completely ran out of the packaging for our 110g wax melts. We were due a delivery of 64,000 before the Easter weekend but that was delayed.

This delivery didn't arrive until Friday morning, but as soon as it did arrive the team were on it and throughout the day completely stocked up on 50 of our scents, including pouring, labelling and putting on the shelves - an incredible effort.

We had 2 new team members start with us this week, both Zena and Nathan. Zena joined us as a Production Assistant to help with the manufacturing of all of our products. Zena's first week was excellent and has slotted in perfectly with the team.

Nathan joined as our General Manager and will oversee the day-to-day operations of the business. Within his first 4 days the team have really taken to him, he's introduced new processes and we are all feeling the benefit of his arrival.

To summarise, it was an excellent first few days in the new HQ. We have lots of new products planned and we can no longer use the 'lack of space' excuse! We have to push forward and launch these products for you all to enjoy.

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