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I have a passion for creating handmade, highly scented soy wax melts. I aim to bring you approximately 80 hours worth of scent with each Cosy Pod. That works out at an amazing 480 hours worth of scent per subscription box! Every Pod is made with love and care. I test out all of the scents before they make it into my Cosy Subscription Boxes to ensure I am bringing you the highest quality scent with each pod.

Cosy Candles subscription boxes contain 6 Cosy Pods, each a different hand mixed and hand poured scent. Our boxes are all posted out to you in boxes that will go through your letter box, so if you are out or at work you’ll be able to get your box without the hassle of having to go to the sorting office.

If you found a particular scent in your monthly box you’d like to buy more of, or as a gift for others you’ll have that option on the website. I will be working hard to ensure you have a wide range of choice when visiting the website.

In the future I plan to bring you more fantastic scents in a variety of different ways. Such as reed diffusers and pot puri. If you have any questions, queries or suggestions get in touch. I am always looking to improve my products and services to bring you the best of everything I can.

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