Our new twin wick scented soy wax candles

We’ve been hard at work lovingly crafting our newest product. The eagerly awaited candles. We have worked hard experimenting with the containers, scent, wax and colour to get them just right for you. The long hours are worth it! A lot of time, and love has gone into the much awaited Twin Wick Candle collection, and we are proud to announce they are ready to pre-order now!

As you know, we have an ever growing collection of scents in our library and are happy to be able to use these amazing scents in candle form! So if you have found a firm favourite with our soy wax melts why not try out that same scent in our highly fragranced soy wax candles? Our candles are made with the same soy wax, scent oils and colouring as our wax melts so they are all safe, paraben free and suitable around vegans, vegetarians, children and pets. You can learn more about our ingredients on our dedicated blog post.

Our candles are all made to order so they are able to hold their scent ensuring you get the maximum amount of scent throw throughout your use. Our handmade candles are all made with twin wicks too. Using a twin wick in a candle will ensure a steady even burn throughout the candles life. The last thing you want is a candle that has tunneled and left you with a ring of wax that you can’t use.

Our highly scented Twin Wick Candles are beautifully presented and would make a wonderful gift. They come in a high quality glass container with a silver lid to lock in the fragrance. All beautifully packaged in a box with a bow.


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So don’t miss out on the above amazing deal, head over to our collection now to get your hands on your favourite scents in candles form, or even try something new!