Relax and unwind with these aromatherapy wax melts

Sooooo with everything going on we are all in need of some time to just chill out and calm our minds.

We have 5 relaxing melts that we hope can help give you a better zzzzz's and will go some way to ease those anxious feelings that we are all struggling with at the moment.

At Cosy it's not just about the smell, we work hard to get scents that can change the way you feel, take you down memory lane and (hopefully) create just a little slice of Utopia for your home :-)


Imagine walking through fresh, fragrant lavender fields .... right there in your living room! This glorious smell will sooth your soul and bring instant karma. Lavender is well documented for having calming properties, let's face it your grandmother swore by it, and she always knows best!


With the clean ,fresh aromas of Jasmine & Rose this scent has floral charm and oozes calming vibes - this smells like a lovely summer garden come to life! One of the "go to" scents for Cosy fans it's sure to become a firm favourite in your home!


With a spa like vibe this relaxing scent will have you dozing off on the sofa in no time! A subtle but fresh blend of rosemary and eucalyptus, it will waft through your home like an angel sprinkling joy! What's not to love!


A refreshingly sophisticated scent it combines citrus freshness with the warm, spicy punch of ginger. Lemongrass has a lovely earthy tone that will leave you feeling calm and at peace, adding ginger gives it the extra pizzazz that wraps around you like a fluffy blanket - simply stunning!


If your worried this scent is gonna leave your home smelling like something the tide dragged in, then you are in for a VERY pleasant surprise! This clean, uplifting scent is an absolute treasure, it also has a fresh fruity element that will have you popping it in your basket over and over again!

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