Soy wax melts are cheaper than Candles.

Here is the fifth in the series of blog posts all about the benefits of scented soy wax melts. This week we talk all about the difference in prices between candles and soy wax melts.

  • Cheaper option -

As a rule of thumb candles are expensive. If you’re like me and enjoy large candles that can be enjoyed again and again you know what I’m talking about. Candles come in many different shapes and sizes and make a great addition to your home, regardless of your decor. But why spend up to £20 on 1 candle!

They are expensive due to the sheer work and amount of ingredients, time and love that it takes to craft them. But scented wax melts are a cheaper alternative to a candle. Our wax melts are made with love and high quality ingredients but are a cost effective way to spread wonderful fragrance around your home. And they look great too!

Our soy wax melt pods are 80g each and are jam packed full of amazing fragrance that just keeps going. Our high quality ingredients are a big part of our products, and we are confident you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. We have put a lot of time and effort into experimenting with our scents to ensure you get a high scent throw with each use. We have perfected the beautiful colours of each of our soy wax melts so they not only smell wonderful but look the part too.

We have many options of soy wax melts available in our shop so there is always something that will suit you. Our Cosy Pods are large and packed to the brim with scent. Our Mini Melts come in beautiful heart shapes and are as highly scented as our Cosy Pods.  

You can fill your home with wonderful aromas for as little as £2.99. So next time you are out shopping and go to pick up that candle off the shelf, don’t. Think about the amazing scents you can get from Cosy Candles for a lower price.


Thanks for reading. Stay tuned to keep up to date with our blog posts to come. 

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