The Benefits of Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Candles, once primarily used as a source of light, have found their place in the modern home as a decorative assent. Candles are now a commonplace feature among many homes and are often given as gifts from friends and loved ones. But what are the true benefits of having a candle in your own home? We will explore a few of the benefits in this article.  

The history of the candle to its uses in modern times

Candles are thought to date back to the ancient roman times, however it is often the Egyptians that are credited with inventing the wicked candle in 3000B.C. In the early years candles were used for their source of light, often for travellers at night, and for use in religious ceremonies.

Candles have developed leaps and bounds over the centuries. New developments, ingredients and methods of manufacturing have all aided in producing the candle of today. It has many uses in the home now including decorative and romance inducing, and a list of benefits to lighting them too.

Aromatherapy benefits:

Aromatherapy features in candles is a very big benefit to having them in your home and giving them as gifts. Candles with certain scents are known to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as stimulate memory.

Scented candles are found more and more in homes, and are a great way of filling your home with your favourite fragrances all year round. Almost every scent can be found in the form of a candle in modern times. Aromas can stimulate the memory cortex in the brain and remind you of certain events from the past. This can be a great way to relive fond memories of times passed.

Lavender is well known for relieving stress, anxiety and aiding sleep. It is a scent that is found in many forms and in candle form will release the aroma intensely while lit. Coupled with natural soy wax the benefits of lavender scents can be enjoyed in your home without the worry of parabens being released into your home and yourself and loved ones breathing them in.

Lemon is a scent that is little known to have aromatherapy benefits. It is a scent designed to be energising and give a lift to those who use it in their homes. While feeling energised is a benefit in itself this scent will also reduce stress and anxiety because a person is feeling more energised. The citrus in a Lemon Sherbet candle is the reason for the aromatherapy benefits as it is linked to reducing stress, depression and anxiety.

Chamomile is a great scent for aromatherapy. It has healing and relaxation benefits which can help with depression. Chamomile is a sweet, apple like scent with hints of herbs.

Scented candles with the use of amber are known to aid in concentration and mental clarity, while cinnamon is a scent little known for its benefits in aiding alertness. Burning candles and wax melts such as Baltic Amber & Clove will be a good way to help with a long work project or studying by helping to keep your mind clear and aid your concentration. Aromas such as Red Hot Cinnamon are useful in aiding alertness and improve your energy levels so is also a good way to aid in long projects.

Other aromas that are known for relaxation other than Lavender include Sandalwood, Vanilla and green apple. Aromas such as Sandalwood Vanilla, Vanilla & Anise, Vanilla and Apple Candy are perfect examples of this.

In summary there are many benefits, from decorative through to aromatherapy, in having scented candles in the home.

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