The first Cosy Pod subscription box is ready!

The last few weeks have seen a very busy Cosy Candles HQ. The time has been filled with mixing and pouring to curate the Cosy Pods in 6 different fragrances. Each fragrance has been hand selected and measured out to ensure a strong scent throw for you to enjoy. I had had the pleasure of testing out each fragrance before it is allowed anywhere near your subscription box :) 

 I have bought and received many different candles and wax melts over the years and enjoy smelling each different scent while in a shop. It makes shopping with me a long arduous job. Just ask my Husband! 

Choosing a wax melt that smells delicious in the shop is a great feeling. Even more so when you get home and are able to test it out. But often I find myself disappointed with the lack of scent throw. So I set out to make my Cosy Pods.

I've done lots of research to decide which types of fragrances and ingredients to use to ensure I am able to bring you the highest quality scent throw in each Cosy Pod. It is a delicate art getting the scent throw to a maximum. Too little fragrance and you won't be able to smell anything, and too much fragrance will not infuse with the wax properly and can separate. So practice and research makes perfect. I can guarantee I've done plenty of both the last few months!  

Making the Cosy Pods is the fun part! I really enjoy getting to be hands on and crafting each Cosy Pod that gets delivered to you. I get so much satisfaction when I package up your orders knowing that I have spent hours making each Pod by hand all the way through to packaging them myself! 


Each Cosy Pod has been designed with the right amount of fragrance and colouring to make your experience the best possible. Testing out the Cosy Pods has been fun and a learning curve. I have had to experiment with not only the amount of fragrance to put in but also that of colouring. I want to ensure you receive a product with the correct colouring too. 

Boxing up the Cosy Pod Subscription boxes has been a fun experience, and due to the high level of orders, has taken a lot longer than I was hoping. I am absolutely amazed at the amount of orders and support I have received from you all. Thank you so much, it means a lot to be supported through the start of Cosy Candles UK. We are single handedly keeping the postman employed! 






I hope you have enjoyed your first Cosy Pod subscription box as much as I have enjoyed crafting it from start to finish. Please leave some feedback, I want to hear it all, the good the bad and the ugly, so I can improve my products. 

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