Weekly Blog 84 - Saying Goodbye to Sam

Welcome to Cosy Weekly.

This week has had mixed emotions, with good vibes with new product launches and sad goodbyes to a much loved team member, as they move on to new ventures.

We launched a new scent, Winter Remedy in a room spray and wax melt. This was for anyone wanting to clear their sinuses and home space. And WOW has proved to be popular. 

We look forward to further feedback on this from you all as the orders continue to come in for it.


What has Tamar been doing?

Tamar has been working on marketing this week, finding her footing in using photoshop and scheduling social media posts.

And as Paul said, Tamar does not give herself enough credit for what she can do.

With the addition of Tamar now working alongside the office ladies, we’ve now got ourselves a lovely little creative marketing hub… of Tamar, Lauren, Emma and myself. GO TEAM, GO!


This week is unfortunately a sad one as our lovely Sam has left us. Sam has been with Cosy for 2 years, so began her Cosy journey with us in the small warehouse at Cullingham Road and moved with us to the big warehouse on Boss Hall Road.

The team are devastated that Sam is leaving, but we are sending her off in style with a hamper full of goodies and handmade gifts and a feast of Macdonalds alongside everyone one lunchtime.

Sam will be sorely missed as she has such a cheeky sense of humour and really livened the place up. She was also our resident photobomber, so we’re going to need someone else in the team to take up the mantle of naughtiness.

So we hope you all join us in wishing Sam all the best on her new journey away from Cosy Aromas.

Cosy HQ warehouse shop

Tamar has had a little shimmy with the displays in the HQ shop this week. Making room for new products like the Winter Remedy products, the new 15 room sprays we launched at the weekend and the scent of the week.

We love our local customers popping in to have a chat with us, if this is you… know that you honestly brighten our day.

What was I doing in the studio?

Well, we’ve launched the “Scent of the Week.” The scent will remain part of our permanent signature collection, however will boast a 25% discount for one week only. A great little opportunity to try something new or stock up if it’s one of your favourites. This week was Velvet Rose & Oud. 

So I was having some fun in the studio taking photos for the social media posts.

What’s new at Cosy Aromas?

We have launched 15 brand new room sprays from our signature scent collection. There really is a wonderful selection of different scents available, to browse this collection, click here.


Where’s Nathan at?

Nathan has had a few well deserved days off chilling at home, which means Paul & Tamar have been doing his daily tasks of loading the pallets and organising the team’s jobs and other bits and bobs. He certainly makes it seem very easy.


Weekend plans

Paul & Tamar decided to end their week by driving to Yarmouth for a relaxing weekend. This is a favourite spot for them as it brings back so many fond memories of the early years. 

However as they wanted to beat the Friday rush hour, this meant that we all got kicked out of the warehouse promptly at 4pm, literally pushed out of the door, lol.



We hope you all have had a great week and if you would like to follow along, there are plenty more vlogs and blogs to explore.

We have also, by popular demand, created a warehouse tour video. To check this out, follow this link.

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