We're moving to a 10,000sqft warehouse!

It's been a long time in the making, but we're delighted to announce that we will be picking up the keys to our new 10,000 square foot warehouse any day now.

It was October 2020 when we viewed the new building and put an offer in, it's been a very long 4 months with delay after delay out of our control but now we know it's actually happening which is a great feeling.

If you're a regular viewer of our YouTube videos you will know we are constantly talking about the lack of space we have in our current unit. We have since rented 2 20ft containers to help with the overflow, and they are now nearly full!

More space for new products

The problem is this is hampering our growth. We have new products we want to launch, but we simply do not have the space to make and store these products. 

The new warehouse has an open area on the ground floor for storing finished products and packing orders. There's also 3 offices and 3 store rooms on the ground floor. The first floor is a big open space which is where we're going to be making all of our products.

Product development is key

When we move into the new Warehouse, Tamar is going to take up the product development role full time. She will have her own lab for making and testing brand new products. She'll be working closely with our fragrance manufacturers to ensure everything we produce is the best quality it possibly can be.

This new warehouse may just look like a warehouse and nothing to get overly excited about, but the opportunities this presents us for growth and expansion is incredible and we cannot wait to get going.

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