We're officially Made in Britain

At Cosy Aromas we are passionate about ensuring the products we produce are the best they can be. We carefully source our raw ingredients, making sure that we use the highest quality possible. 

We follow very strict recipes when creating each and every product, from wax melts and candles to room sprays. Our products are all thoroughly tested to ensure they last long, give off a great scent throw and fill your home with beautiful fragrance time and time again. 

Our small dedicated team works hard to ensure the quality of our products with every batch. All of our wax melts and candles are poured by hand in small batches to keep the quality. 

As of February 2022 our candles, wax melts, and room sprays have been certified as Made In Britain. This is something we are very pleased about and are proud to share with you today. 

You can see our membership profile here: https://www.madeinbritain.org/members/cosy-aromas

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