5 Mother's Day Wax Melt Scents

Mothers, what would we do without them?

From washing your smalls (even when you're in your 40's), wiping away your tears (plus snot) when you've had a really bad day and bursting with pride at all your major (and minor) achievements, they are the true angels of this world and we all want to show our appreciation to these wonderful human beings, so what do you get them? ... Wax melts of course!

Mum's love to have a home that smells like heaven so to be honest it's a no brainer! We have selected 5 scents that will have your mum oooing and ahhhing all day long 😁 

One in a Million Wax Melt


Limited Edition (so order now!!) This gorgeous floral scent is the epitome of the "mum smell" think Coty L'aiment, the timeless,clean smell is light and fresh - oozing charm and femininity. Your mum will love it and so will you cause it smells like home!

Lily of the Valley Wax Melt


The wonderful waft of this beautiful flower is one that most people recognise in a flash. It's such a distinctive aroma, floral yet earthy, sweet yet musky. With this scent you don't have to buy flowers, the whole house will smell like it's full of them!

Lemon & Lavender Wax Melt


A gorgeous combination of calming lavender and a hit of zesty lemon. This is such a refreshing and uplifting scent and has a truly modern twist that will have you pinching it from your mum's house when you next visit!

Baby Powder Wax Melt


Now this is an obvious one for your mum, this gorgeous scent will have her reminiscing about when you were a baby (ahhh ... Here come the photo albums !) This is one of THE top 5 scents at Cosy .... Its the delicious mix of fresh and clean plus the feelings of nostalgia that it provokes, that have people going mad for it!

Morning Beauty Wax Melt


A recently released scent to Cosy (February 2021) it has gone down an absolute storm! The sophisticated floral tone is wrapped up with hints of raspberry and pear ... And then POW! the warm waft of plum gives it that extra va va voom! This wonderful fragrance shouts "Hello beautiful!" Your mum will be sooooper happy with this little gem. (#browniepoints😉)

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