A look back on 2022 at Cosy Aromas

Well, this year has been eventful to say the least. There have been so many bumps in the roads, ups and downs everywhere, so as a little distraction to everything that has been going on in the world and closer to home, let us have a look at what we have been up to at Cosy Aromas.

Take a look back at the year month by month with us and reflect on all that’s happened. 

This year, with all of your generous donations and involvement, we have raised some amazing money for charity. We have managed to raise over £10,000 this year for the likes of The Miscarriage Association, the British Red Cross and Children in Need.



The start of the year always brings new promise and new energy so we thought why not draw on that with the VIP box. 

The theme for the January VIP box was New Year, New Energy. This delightful box featured: Cosy Up, Raspberry & Rhubarb, Mandarin Orange and Pure Comfort.  

We also continued the VIP Exclusive products and even made them a main feature for members. We started the year bringing back Autumn Walks. 

We launched a fun and exciting product in our Mystery Boxes. With 3 size options available small, medium, large there is a box for everyone. The Mystery boxes are also a great way to send a gift. If you need a gift for a fellow home fragrance lover but are not sure what to choose, this is a great idea. 

Each Mystery box can include a range of products including wax melts, candles, room sprays, fragrance oils and wax burners. 

January also saw the launch of our Scentimental tin candle collection. This is a range that is currently unavailable due to being redesigned (along with our other previous candle range) but it was a great idea for gifts with special meanings such as Happy Birthday and Home Sweet Home. 

Our ever popular Room Sprays came back with a new look, and a reformulation. We worked tirelessly as a team behind the scenes testing, designing and making our new square bottles with a fun and improved design. This has been a key launch for us at Team Cosy and it remains such a popular product and continually receives impressive reviews from our customers..  



February is of course the month of love, so we thought why not incorporate that with the VIP box. 

The theme for the February VIP box was Cupid’s Arrow. This delightful box featured: Cocoa Kisses, Love Hearts, Sweet Melody and Bamboo & White Lotus.

The VIP Exclusive for this month was so popular that we had to launch it twice, and both times it sold out in under 10 minutes! Strawberry Jam can now be found as a permanent VIP exclusive soy wax melt so there is no fear of running out again. Phew! 

With the winter months still here and the colds making their way through everyone we thought now is the time to produce something to help. Winter Remedy joined the limited edition ranks in the form of a soy wax melt & room spray. 

This scent was designed specifically to help ease cold symptoms with the eucalyptus and menthol notes. And did you stock up too! Don’t worry though, it will be back each winter. 

Valentine's day is of course a big event during this month. We wanted to develop the standard gifts you’d normally find, such as for him/her or to my love to include some positive self love and friendship gifts. 

Valentine’s isn’t just about the love of a partner so we put together three delightful gift boxes, fully designed by our in house creative designer.

The one we were particularly proud of was the boxes that were all about promoting and cherishing self-love and appreciation, something we feel can easily be overlooked as we navigate through our daily lives.

In February we added 15 new room sprays to join our permanent collection with the new formulation and redesign we saw from the month before. We have plans to continue adding to this range. 



March is the month spring starts to set in, so we thought why not incorporate that along with Mother’s Day within the VIP box. 

The theme for the March VIP box was Simply Fabulous. This delightful box featured:  Lady Million, Marshmallow & Peach, Lucky Clover and Satin Bow. 

This month we introduced another new VIP exclusive wax melt in the form of Angel Wings. This is a fragrance that’s been asked of us many times and was one we were so happy to be able to bring out. It is such a lovely delicate but clean fragrance.

In March we sat back and took stock, not only of the last year but the last 4. We celebrated the 4th birthday of Cosy Aromas with a huge 25% off everything for our customers. It was just a small thank you from us to you for helping us to achieve everything we have to date.

It was nice to sit back and reflect on the incredible journey we’ve been on so far. From our tiny kitchen hob back in 2018 to our 10,000 square foot warehouse 4 years later we celebrated our birthday as a team of 17. 

Mother’s Day was just around the corner so at HQ we got to work on a lovely gift box. We wanted to ensure you could celebrate the ‘Mother’ figure in your life, whoever they are as they deserve it. 

We released a very popular gift box including a soy wax melt, room spray and tin candle all wrapped in a beautiful and repurposable gift box with a pretty and colourful sleeve. These proved to be very popular and we hope you enjoyed sharing the day with that special person.

On pancake day we took to TikTok, saucepan in hand to see who could flip the pancake the highest. We think Paul had WAY TOO MUCH FUN throwing pancakes at Tamar! 

The world took a terrible turn for the worse when the war in Ukraine started. We all watched the news and followed the daily stories of terror and sheer loss that we couldn’t comprehend from our sofas at home. 

We launched the wax melt For Ukraine with the lovely design that featured the flag of their proud nation to help raise funds for the British Red Cross to continue their important work on the ground in Ukraine helping families affected by the war. 100% of the profits were donated to The British Red Cross. We are so proud to say that together we raised a staggering £3000... not bad for a small business.

Our highly scented fragrance oils underwent a redesign in March and saw 28 scents returning to the shelves in a new bottle with a new sticker and fully printed box design. These have been one of Lauren’s highlights this year as she loves working on packaging designs. 

Sometimes you just want to stock up on a past favourite. So we brought you the Nostalgia collection which featured a selection of our golden oldies that were no longer available in 25g wax melts. 




April is always the month of Easter! So with the shops full of Easter eggs we thought why not incorporate that within the VIP box. 

The theme for the April VIP box was Happy Easter. This delightful box featured: Hot Cross Buns, Comfort Blanket, White Tea, and Daffodils. 

With this month's VIP Exclusive we released not 1 but 2 brand new soy wax melts in the form of Pineapple Surprise and Raspberry & Rose. Both of these scents are very popular and still some of the best sellers in the exclusive range. 

In April, after a LOT of asking from you, we brought back an old favourite in Fluffy Socks. This was a scent from a previous Autumn collection and you loved it so much we got asked almost daily to make it come back. So we listened and back it came. 

We added to the Nostalgia collection and Bamboo & White Lotus joined the ranks as a fragrance oil as well this month. What a busy one. 

We love the freshness and new beginnings of Spring and all of the potential it can bring. At Cosy we created a line of stunning wax melts that were fresh, uplifting and inspired joy. This collection was called Love Spring and it featured 5 soy wax melts and room sprays in spring-esqe scents. 



May is in full swing and spring is here. With the flowers blooming, the sun shining and the grass green we thought a floral and fun box was the way to celebrate May. 

The theme for the May VIP box was Life In Full Bloom. This delightful box featured: Forest Violet, Sweet Lullaby, Blossoming Beauty and Spring In Your Step 

The VIP Exclusive for May saw a different scent type joining the collection. After a lot of chatting to you via our Facebook Community group we choose Praline Paradise and Candy Carnival to be the newest addition to the range. 

Recently we brought back some golden oldies so thought why not mix it up this month and throw a couple newbies into the mix. Mint To Be & Glamorous Grapefruit join the permanent collection and you couldn’t be happier! 

We set ourselves a task to design a brand new collection that would work perfectly as a gift for fellow home fragrance lovers. And the Scent Street collection was born. This range of clamshells is designed to transport you to a pretty boutique lined street. Each clamshell features 6 40g highly scented soy wax melts, in themes. 

With clamshells such as Lazy Laundrette and Cocktail Bar you’ll find the perfect gift for that special someone, or yourself. 

In June we were due to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as a nation. So we got our team together, worked hard in product development and created a candle and wax melt to help us join together and celebrate an amazing woman, the Queen. 

We all celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with the aroma of wild bluebells with a touch of sweet pollen. A floral bouquet that will fill your home with a delicate long lasting aroma with our candle and wax melt. All orders also received a free handmade bracelet to wear on the day and commemorate the Queen. 

It was a month to celebrate and raise a glass of Pimms together. 




With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee being celebrated across the world we designed a VIP box to highlight the street parties of jubilees past. We thought this would be a great way to bring the celebrations of this month all together in your home. 

The theme for the June VIP box was Street Party. This delightful box featured:  Afternoon Tea, Apple Spritzer, Berries & Cream and Peach Prosecco 

Sticking to the fun and celebratory feeling the VIP Exclusives for June included Lemon Bon Bons and  Blue Agave & Cacao. Where Lemon Bon Bon’s needs no introduction we went along a more sophisticated route with Blue Agave & Cacao and chose a scent we thought would appeal to the perfume lovers. 

As the warmer weather is here so are those pesky bugs! So we brought out our new Citronella tin candles. Designed to help keep the bugs and flies away from the bbq food giving you a chance to sit out and enjoy the sun. Just don’t forget the suntan lotion! 

Father’s Day saw the launch of not only a wax melt but also a jar candle. Based on your feedback from the previous year we ensured to develop a candle that went alongside this masculine aroma. With 3 sticker designs there was a product for whoever you intended to gift this to, or to commemorate those who are no longer with us. 

We yet again brought back not 1 but 2 blasts from the past. Fearless Eyes and Red Wine are back for good! Both of these fragrances have been asked form, time and again so we couldn’t not listen. 

Each year we host our annual Big Summer Meltdown sale. This is one weekend in the summer where we hold incredible deals, discounts, freebies and giveaways. It was another incredible weekend sales event and it was so lovely to see many of you stepping out of your comfort zones and trying new products you’d never thought to try before. The most popular product by far was the Mystery Boxes! 

We hosted our first ever live shop. It was a very nervy evening, with us being unsure how it would go but it was a success. It saw Zena and I running around like mad women trying to talk to you, answer your questions and pick your orders live on air. 

This live shopping event was also your first look at the soon to come new bath and body range. But you all enjoyed the whole evening so much you asked for more. And we gladly obliged. 




July is the start of the summer for many. Not only are the summer holidays creeping up but also the warm sunny days last into warm evenings too. So to celebrate the summer sun we introduced a cocktail themed box for July. 

The theme for the July VIP box was Happy Hour. This delightful box featured: Hawaiian Mai Tai, Summer Mojito, Pink Gin Lemonade and Watermelon Bellini

After a lot of customer feedback we released 2 new VIP Exclusives in July in the form of Ginger & Sandalwood and Coumarou Chic. Both of these soy wax melts leaned more towards the masculine and inspired vibe that our customers had been asking for. 

The Summer collection is always a very exciting launch for us at HQ because it’s so much fun. We love coming together and working on new collections as a team. We all have an input from start to finish. 

The summer collection featured 5 wax melts and room sprays designed to bring the summer into your homes and give you a burst of energy. This was definitely true with the very popular Fizzy Blast aroma! 

We added to our permanent collection with a selection of new room sprays and fragrance oils. These scents were chosen with not only the requests of our customers in mind, but also the time of the season too. Lots of research is done before any launch at HQ and adding to an existing range is no different. 

This month was not only a big month for Cosy Aromas but a huge month. We saw a lot of changes that needed to be made and many of them have been in the works behind the scenes for the majority of the year. 

Of course, not everything can be planned to how we would wish to do things. And the hiccup of the year was finding out that we would have to change the container to our main products. This was due to an unforeseen change of our manufacturer unfortunately making the original wax melt containers no longer available. 


Whilst it was a shock and a bit of a blow, we took the bull by the horns and rose to the challenge. We prioritised finding a new container that we would be proud of. So in came the introduction of the 90g and the 50g wax melts, with their segmented pots. 

We took this chance to introduce the changes that have been in the works behind the scenes. Paul had been working tirelessly on a new website design and overhaul for quite sometime so now was the perfect opportunity to unveil it. 

We introduced the wax melt sizes which meant a lot of design work was unveiled. Lauren had to redesign all of our wax melts in time for the launch. Not an easy task, but she rose to the occasion and created some incredible designs. 

Along with the wax melt sizes and designs we introduced new and exciting changes to the already popular VIP box. With help from our loyal customers we introduced 3 levels to give you the control over what you receive. 

From the Lite box where you get 2 new wax melts, the Classic edition with the usual and loved 4 new wax melts to the brand new exciting Deluxe box which includes the 4 new wax melts and added products from the permanent range there is a box that suits your needs and budget. 

We also introduced the new voting system. As a Classic or Deluxe VIP Member you get to vote on your 2 favourite scents each month. The winning 2 will be added to our permanent collection and this was a suggestion from our regular loyal VIP members to add something extra special to the membership. 

The normal benefits still stand including a £10 voucher worth of points every 3 months, and access to VIP Exclusive products not available to non VIP members. 

Our long awaited bath & body launch also took place on the unveiling of our new website. This is a launch that we have worked very hard on for 16 months behind the scenes and we waited for your feedback with bated breath. You loved everything you tried and soon started to give us ideas for future additions to the range. 

A huge thank you to each and every one of you for your support during these changes. We are humbled by your continued support and love.



August is a month filled with warm summer days, cool drinks and spending time with loved ones. We thought this box needed to reflect the calm summer days ahead. 

The theme for the August VIP box was Hello Sunshine. This delightful box featured: Star Gazer, Lime Cooler, Slice Of Heaven and Simply Coconut. 

This was the first month for the new voting system to come into play. The lucky scents that joined the permanent collection this month were Star Gazer and Lime Cooler. 

The VIP Exclusive for August needed to be a refreshing one and it didn’t disappoint with the introduction of the Seashell Shore Room Spray. It was nice to add a different type of product into the collection this month. 

August was a calm month at HQ, luckily so after such a busy month before, and saw the introduction of the Cocktail Bar into the Scent Street collection. This was a fun, sweet and juicy addition to the range. It was well received.  




The start of the cooler months, supposedly but we’re still in shorts!, and autumn vibes. We had to introduce all things autumn into this month's VIP box. 

The theme for the September VIP box was Step into Autumn. This delightful box featured: Haunted Mansion, Pumpkin Picnic, Autumn Spice and Fallen Leaves. 

This is also the month where they all become limited edition. During ‘embers of the year all of the fragrances released via the VIP box or collections are limited edition. That means anything launched from September through to December won’t be around forever so make sure you stock up on your favourites just in case. 

The VIP Exclusive for September, is the only home fragrance to launch this month that will be sticking around is Nature’s Smile. 

One of the most anticipated seasonal launches at Cosy Aromas has always been our Autumn collection. It’s likely down to the fact that it’s the time of the year we like to cosy up (pun intended) in the warm with some comforting scents. All things pumpkin and spices are popular across the board this time of the year and we LOVE it.

The autumn collection featured 6 fantastic scents available in both 50g and 90g wax melt as well as our room sprays. We re-released a couple of your favourite scents from last year alongside 3 brand new ones. My personal favourite has to be Vanilla Hazelnut, it’s such a creamy and nutty scent. 

As well as the autumn collection we added 2 limited edition 50g wax melts. Cashmere Indulgence and Secret Spice launched to accompany the autumn collection and they work wonders alongside each other.

Our bath & body collection was such a hit last month, and we have been struggling to keep it in stock. But we have been sneaky and added to the range with our Cleansing Hand wash launch. Make sure to keep those pesky germs away while leaving your hands clean and silky smooth. 




The month of ghosts and ghouls and all things scary. We had a bit of fun with this month's VIP and you loved it! 

The theme for the October VIP box had to be Spooktastic. This delightful box featured: Full Moon, Bad Blood, Forbidden Fruit, Black Magic 

Against the theme for the month we released 2 new VIP Exclusives which include Blue Agave & Cacao room spray + Seashell shore wax melt. We listened to your feedback and these are the scents you wanted to see in new forms. So these well requested products joined the collection. 

Halloween is such a fun time for fragrances and our Halloween Collection didn’t disappoint. From returning favourites such as Witches Brew to brand new aromas in Dragon’s Blood there was something for everyone no matter if you celebrate Halloween or not. 

Every year at the very beginning of October sees the launch of the Cosy Aromas Advent calendar. The Cosy Advent Calendars are always a fun one to do. But this year we decided to mix it all up with the addition of the Lite Calendar and a brand new design for the Classic.

The Lite Calendar came with daily christmas wax melts in it and the Classic Calendar came with daily mini wax melts and the opportunity to win daily prizes throughout December. It was a pleasure to open the doors daily and enjoy sharing the experience with you all.




November and it’s beginning to look a lot like Chrostmas at HQ! I know it’s only the beginning of November but give us a break, we launched the advent calendar last month. 

The theme for the November VIP box was All Wrapped Up. This delightful box featured: Snowflake Magic, Warm Berry Pie, Festive Punch and Winter Wreath. Free Spirit was the latest soy wax melt to join the ranks of the VIP Exclusives for November.


In November we decided on taking the paintbrushes to our Beach Street shop in Felixstowe. We gave ourselves a challenging 3 days to totally gut the place, re-paint the walls, lay a new floor, fit all of the brand new shelves and paint a beach scene mural on the back wall. Then of course came the restocking of all of the Cosy items you've come to love.

Our Beach Street shop is still managed by the wonderful Justine, who does a great job of keeping the place spic and span and the displays looking amazing. It is also where you'll find Janice on the weekends. You will always be greeted with a warm smile and told a tale or two about everything Cosy.

The Christmas collection is another highlight to look forward to in early November and we saw 2 returning scents alongside 4 brand new ones. 

The collection this year was made up of 90g and 50g wax melts, room sprays and fragrance oils. There were a variety of ways to make your home feel and smell festive this year. 

We also re-introduced the Christmas mini melt selection box with new scents. This is always a popular launch and has become a Christmas staple product for us. Alongside this we also saw the Pre wrapped gift boxes restocked and revamped to include the new wax melt sizes and fragrance oil designs.

Joining the gift options this year was our Cosy Bauble. I even have one on my tree! The bauble is painstakingly folded by hand and filled with a variety of products making it a great gift for yourself or a loved one. You can even get it out next year and fill it with something new. 

We added to our permanent gift range this month by introducing the new bath & body gift sets. These can be seen in the form of ultimate sets or mini trio sets. A product that is sticking around so you and your friends can benefit from them come your birthdays. Start hinting now! 

Black Friday is a huge world wide sales event and it’s also a huge deal at HQ. It takes months of planning to not only come up with the deals and arrange the social media work involved but also the mammoth task of stocking up the products.

The production team pulls out all the stops and works their socks off everyday to ensure the products you want to grab a bargain on are ready and waiting on the shelves. I’d hate to think of how many items went through the production teams very capable hands on the weeks leading up to the event.  

Since the start of Cosy Aromas it had always been a dream of mine to fill a lorry with our parcels. It always seemed like such a far off pipedream. Since moving into the current HQ we have been upgraded to daily lorry collections, which was an amazing step closer towards my dream. But filling a lorry still seemed impossible. Have you seen how big they are! 

But this Black Friday we had to call for backup. We not only filled 1 lorry but we needed 3 lorry collections! It was an absolutely amazing day and it’s one I only distantly dreamed about. Next year let's aim for 5 lorries! 

Children in need is held every year and like most we watch it on the tv while sitting on the sofa, drink in hand. We always do our part and donate on the night, and usually pick up something Pudsey themed during the week leading up to it. But this year we wanted to get you all involved and raise as much as we could together in a short space of time.

Together during our live shopping event we raised an amazing £600 and what's more we hit our target in under 30 minutes!  We were able to donate the full amount during the live event and share that experience with you all too. Thank you for being an amazon audience and helping us to help children in need everywhere. 




Wow that year went quickly, how is it December already! Is your tree up yet? 

December is of course all about Christmas, the magic, the fun and of course the festive scents. So the VIP box has to be the same. 

 The theme for the November VIP box was Magic Of Christmas. This delightful box featured: Warm Milk & Nutmeg , Frost patterns, Winter Woodland and Crackling Fire. The VIP Exclusive for December was a soy wax melt called Feminine Touch. A delicate and floral fragrance based on a popular perfume. 

To finish the year we always hold a Boxing Day sale. This is our annual clearance sale where you’ll find anything limited edition from the previous year that we have stock left of. So when you have found a favourite from the Summer or Autumn collection you can no longer get hold of it gives you a chance to stock back up before it goes again.  

As I sit and write this blog post out your boxing day orders are coming in and it’s lovely to see the excitement of you managing to stock up on old favourites. We thank you for your patience and understanding that these parcels won’t be on their way until the new year. You guys are the best!  

2022 has been a rollercoaster of a year for us all, with wars and energy prices being what they are, it's nice to have a community to go to where you can share your ups and downs. We are incredibly lucky to have each and every one of our loyal customers and we wouldn't be anywhere without you. 

We hope 2023 is a great year for you, but no matter what it brings we will face it together with our community and a wonderfully scented home. 

Cheers everyone,




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