Weekly Blog 83 - A look Behind the Scenes

Tamar and Paul started the week by chilling at home without any distractions to have a good old think about what it is they need to do with Cosy Aromas currently and where they would like to take it in the future.

Of course this meant that our Chief Security Officer got a great opportunity to snooze in the living room.

Bills, bills, bills!!

Back at Cosy HQ, Paul and Tamar were rearing to go and take on this week at top speed.

However as Paul points out, the end of January means a lot of money leaving the business as it’s that time where tax returns are due and bills need paying. 

Wouldn’t it be just lovely if none of us had to worry about bills? I don’t know about you but I really wouldn’t mind that at all.

Although the best bill to pay is the wages for the hard working Cosy team. 

And as a member of that team I would like to point out that while they all may think I spend my money on cookies and chocolate, in fact I actually spend it on cake as well. So that's that… I’m happy that it's settled!!

Keeping our German Distributors happy.

We had a huge order ready for our German distributors. As they sold out of all of their Cosy Aromas products. What’s more is that they have also talked about replacing their stock of Yankee candles with just our products. 

This is all very exciting and we are looking forward to how this will flourish over the next couple of months.

We’re going up in the world!

What has Tamar been up to in her creation corner?

We found Tamar going through and cataloguing all of her testers from the manufacturers, in her *ahem not such a messy corner!

“I get all of my oil samples, I give them a good sniff. I then work out what category I would put them in. If they are scents that are being replicated or if they are for a certain VIP or for a certain season. Therefore I can then get them all poured, catalogue them all, label them all and then I can start my series of tests.”

“I then get the safety data sheets straight from the manufacturer once I’ve ordered the scent. Then I can get them off to our young friend who does all of our (Classification of Labelling and Packaging legislation) compliance at the moment, while we wait for our software to be sorted so we can begin doing these in house.”

What happens after this?

We test each new scent in a number of environments, this tends to be in the scent shacks, both Paul’s and the main office and various rooms at home. This way we know which scents work and which ones are best left alone.

After all, we are only happy with providing you all with the best aromas we can offer.

What were production up to at the beginning of the week?

Paul shows us the production area where the team had laid out all of the tables ready with our 110g containers, which can only mean one thing, it’s time for another VIP pour.

This month is called “Cupid’s Arrow” and is Valentines themed and it smells absolutely incredible.

To sign up as a VIP member, click this link

Later on in the week

Production have been absolutely amazing with completing all of the VIP wax melt pours. And even finished boxing them all up to be dispatched on Friday.

This is an incredible achievement, especially considering all of the other jobs they have to do in a week.

So hats off to the production team!!

Keep an eye out on our social media pages as we’ll be showing you the behind the scenes video for this shortly.

Do you make anything other than products for Cosy Aromas?

Yes, another aspect of our company is to create and produce private label products for other people.

These products are to their own design and with their own label. This week we completed a small project of blue jar candles in the scrumptious Black Cherry scent.

This was a small batch of 48 candles, however we also do larger and continuous batches for others too.

What are these private label jobs for?

Some of our clients look to sell them, some commission them as gifts. For example we’ve had orders of wax melts to be handed out as unique baby shower favours. Which we think is just lovely.

Do the production team enjoy doing the private label jobs?

We think so. It’s always refreshing to try something different from the daily norm and to have a look at different designs and branding.

In the Office

We’ve had the pleasure of Tamar joining us in the office this week, to mainly help us work our way through the biscuit tin.

Tamar and myself have been getting ahead with scheduling the social media posts that will show behind the scenes and posts for up and coming product launches. Discussing what products we would like to focus on over the next few weeks, and dreaming over what we will be having for dinner each evening.

Emma has been taking lots of gorgeous photos and getting to grips with video adverts for our lovely Cosy wax melts.

Lauren has been working her magic designing product leaflets to go in your orders, to help everyone get the most out of their Cosy Aromas products. As well as all of the other wonders she creates.

And Laura has been focused on ordering supplies and answering your inquiries.

So that’s another week finished at Cosy HQ, make sure you are subscribed to our youtube channel if you would like to catch our weekly vlogs.

We'll see you soon.

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