Behind the scenes of Black Friday 2020 at Cosy Aromas

We always knew Black Friday was going to be a busy one here at Cosy Aromas after the success of Black Friday 2019 and our Big Summer Meltdown sale in June 2020. This is the time of the year where pretty much every retailer has some kind of sale on, and we had always planned to take part.

It's interesting to see the buying habits of people. Lots of existing customers and brand new customers took advantage of the sale to buy Christmas gifts for loved ones, but a huge percentage of our sales were from existing customers who were simply stocking up their collections!

We were getting orders for 50, 80, 100+ Cosy Pod wax melts! It was incredible. 

In the video above we document what Black Friday was like here at Cosy Aromas, from the day before where we are frantically restocking wax melts and candles, through to the online work that needs to be carried out late at night in preparation for the midnight launch.

Then we show you Black Friday itself and the Saturday where we were dispatching orders. On Black Friday itself we dispatched nearly 600 orders, which for a small team like ours is incredible. We only have 2 people fetching orders and 2 people packing orders, so to do this number of orders in 1 day, considering the size of some of the orders, is something we're very proud of.

We estimated it would take us 10 business days to dispatch all orders, but we managed it in 7 which is a huge testament to the hardworking and dedicated team we have.

Please watch the above video and let us know what you think! 

Thanks to everyone for your orders and continued support :) 

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