Festive soy wax melt Christmas gift boxes.

Christmas Wax Melts Gift Box - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

It's that time of year again when everyone (us included) are running around like headless chickens looking for gifts for loved ones and trying to fit all the Christmas shopping into the already hectic week! But no need to worry, Cosy Candles has got you covered for all things fragrance and wax related. Just sit back down, fill the wine glass up, click a few buttons and wait for the gift boxes to land on your front door mat. 

Are you looking for a gift for a loved one this Christmas that loves a festive scent? (Or a little treat for yourself!) Look no further than our Christmas wax melts gift box. Packed full with amazing Christmas inspired aromas this box will bring joy and happiness to those who open it on Christmas day. 

The Christmas inspired scents have all been hand chosen by our team and each scent has been tested to ensure the best fragrance will fill your home with each and every burn, for an authentic Christmas aroma. 

This gift box makes for a great gift not only for a loved one but for yourself too. Go on, spoil yourself, you deserve it.

Christmas Treats Scents: 

  • Mince Pies & Brandy
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Christmas Tree
  • Berries & Frankincense 

Each luxury box contains:

    • 28 wax melts in total
    • 4 different scents - 7 wax melts for each scent
    • Each wax melt is its own unique scent
    • Each Mini Melt weighs approximately 5g
    • That's approximately 140 hours of fragrance per box!
    • How to use guide in every box
    • Just add one to the cart and we will automatically send you a FREE one! 



More festive gift options will be launched soon so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to receive the deals as soon as they are launched.  

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