Having control over the scent from your soy wax melts

Here is the forth in the series of blog posts all about the benefits of scented soy wax melts. This weeks blog post is all about the control you have over your scents and how to maximise that control!

  • You have total control over the scent -

Have you ever bought a candle and decided you didn’t like the scent very much, or that it could do with a little added something? I hate it when you buy a candle that you are really excited about, get home and burn it to decide that you really don’t like it, or it doesn’t smell like you hoped. This is one of the main reasons for me starting Cosy Candles. I wanted to have control over the scents in my home. And if I felt like that I was sure you did too.

If you have experienced that let down feeling of buying a candle in your local shop that you didn’t like the scent of don’t worry. I have a great way you can take control of the fragrance in your home. With our soy wax melts you can make the combination that suits you. One of my favourite scents is the Lemon sherbert. I love anything fruity and sweet so it is right up my street. But on the other hand the Lavender is a scent that I’m not too keen on (we all have them scents). I was recommended to add a small amount of Lavender to the Lemon Sherbert. It was amazing! It really took the bite out of the Lavender and added a floral, not overpowering layer to the Lemon.

Some other options I definitely recommend include Fresh Linen & Lavender, Rose & Baby Powder and Musk & Sandalwood mixed with Rose. These all make wonderful additions to your home and will have your guests asking where this great scent came from.

Having total control over the scent that permeates your home is an amazing benefit to using soy wax melts. This way you can always get a fragrance that suits you and make it unique too!

If you warm a small amount of one scent and decide it would go well with another simply add a little of that too. And if you tried something that really didn’t work, that’s ok too. Because now you know not try that again!

Let us know which scents mix well for you, and which don’t. We love to hear all about your mixes. And remember you have total control over the scent you burn and the combination you make so be creative!


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