Safe Wax Melts

When starting Cosy Candles we wanted to ensure we had researched and sourced the best ingredients to use for our products. As well as having the best ingredients we were very adamant they have to be the safest too. 

We enjoy the scent of a high quality wax melt spreading through our home. And know you feel the same. Many families enjoy having a lovely aroma in their house but are worried about the safety of their children and pets around such scents. We made sure to research the safest ingredients for our products to ensure your home is highly scented and safe for your whole family.


We researched, in detail, the wax we wanted to use and decided to use soy wax. Soy wax is derived from the soy bean and is natural. It is a renewable, natural alternative to traditional paraffin wax, and there is little impact on our environment using soy wax.

Soy wax is suitable for vegans/vegetarians and is not tested on animals. We wanted a natural wax that we could be sure was environmentally friendly and from a renewable source to try limiting our carbon footprint where possible. 


All of the fragrances we use have been sourced carefully and are fully compliant with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) with RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) regulations. All fragrances are not tested on animals, cruelty free, suitable for vegans/vegetarians and paraben free. 

We don’t use essential oils in our products as these have been linked to being unsafe around some pets. Instead we use synthetic fragrances that create a wonderful aroma and are safe so long as they are not consumed. All of our scents come with the CLP information as per the legislation. 

Each fragrance oil has been tested multiple times in different environments and warmers to ensure its quality before it’s turned into a product for our customers to enjoy. 


The colours in our wax melts are all sourced from Bekro in Germany. They are a company who sell high end colours and all of their colours go through rigorous burn testing to ensure they are of the highest quality. 

Each product has colour added by hand and mixed thoroughly to ensure the vibrant colourful experience of customers love. 

Why choose Cosy Aromas? 

Each and every one of our products are hand measured, mixed and poured to ensure the quality and long lasting fragrance for you to enjoy on your home. 

Our ingredients are all suitable for vegans/vegetarians and are safe for children and pets. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the scents of these safe products as much as we enjoy making them.