How to make Lemon Pound Cake wax melts - Mixology #3

When deciding which scents to add to our mixology list we put a lot of thought into our brainstorming time to come up with a range of scents we thought most of you would appreciate. From asking questions and looking through the comments you have made on our Cosy Candles - Community Facebook group we could see a strong liking for foodie or sweet scents.

So far to feature on the Cosy Candles Mixology we have had Strawberry Cheesecake and Caramel Latte. These have been such a hit and got many of you trying the combination and many more, that we decided to go with another sweet scent.

We thought this time we would go with something sweet and fruity. Lemon Pound Cake. Lemon is a scent that reminds me of home baking and my absolute favourite dessert is lemon meringue pie, so why not combine something I love with wonderful home fragrance and create a scent that will fill my home with wonderful fragrance. Fragrances trigger the memory cortex in the brain and can transport us to times we may have forgotten. This is a great way to relive happy childhood memories.

Which scents and why?

We choose Vanilla as our base fragrance to the lemon pound cake scent because it is a nice delicate sweet scent, reminiscent when mixed, of home baking. In our Cosy pod collection we currently have two lemon scents: Lemon Sherbet and Limoncello. We had to decide which of the lemon based scents would make the best lemon pound cake aroma. To do this we had to test each scent out with the base aroma.

Limoncello is our most recent Cocktail inspired scent and once tested with the vanilla we found didn’t give off the correct lemon pound cake scent. We found it too be too much like the cocktail to work well in this particular mixology. Limoncello is a very zesty and fizzy scent so we decided to go with the lemon sherbet scent. This is a zesty true to form lemon scent which is perfect for this mixology session. Once mixed with the base Vanilla scent the Lemon Sherbet gave us the perfect lemon pound cake fragrance.

How much to use?

How much of which scent to use is always the trickiest part to get right. After a lot of testing we found that mixing equal parts of vanilla and lemon sherbet was the best combination to make lemon pound cake.

We, over the course of a week, chose to use varying amounts of each scent to find the best final aroma. We ensure that we test various amounts of each scent to save you having to do it yourself and potentially loosing lots of wax.

The great thing about mixology sessions is that you can add as little or as much as you’d like to your taste, the size of the room and your burner. You may find that you need to alter the recipe to find the perfect scent for you. This is perfectly fine as fragrance is very subjective. So have fun experimenting with it.

Once we have our recipe perfected we shoot a video of it, edit it and it’s ready. This week our office smelt like a bakery once the video had been shot!

Final thoughts

We have had a lot of fun experimenting with different scent combinations for this weeks mixology. We highly recommend mixing scents and trying out combinations. It’s a fun way to get the whole family involved too.

Let us know if there any scent ideas you have for future mixology videos and we will have a go at testing them out.

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