How to make Raspberry & Mint Sorbet Wax Melts - Mixology #4

When deciding which scents to add to our mixology list we put a lot of thought into our brainstorming time to come up with a range of scents we thought most of you would appreciate. From asking questions and looking through the comments you have made on our Cosy Candles - Community Facebook group we could see a strong liking for foodie or sweet scents.

So far to feature on the Cosy Candles Mixology we have had Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Latte and Lemon Pound Cake. These have been such a hit and got many of you trying the combination and many more, that we decided to go with another sweet scent.

This week we wanted to keep the sweet theme as so many of you seem to be enjoying it but we also wanted something a little different. With summer arriving and the days drawing out longer, and the occasional sunny day we wanted something very summery. What is more summery than ice cream? We decided that this weeks mixology will be Raspberry and Mint Sorbet. 

Raspberry and Mint Sorbet was chosen after experimenting with scent combinations to achieve an ice cream type aroma. We already have a Pistachio Ice Cream scent but thought that it didn;t suit the needs of this mixology because it is very nutty in aroma. 

What is sorbet?

Sorbet is a frozen dessert consisting of sweetened water with flavourings and is the perfect dessert on a hot summer's day. This is one of my favourite summer desserts to have after a large meal. It is sweet and cool but very light. 

Deciding on which scents we wanted to use is always the fun part because we need to experiment with combinations and narrow it down to two scents. This can go really well or really bad as some scents do not work well together. We have found after testing that Wild Mint and Raspberry Ripple are both fragrances that compliment each other well and give off the perfect aroma of Raspberry and Mint Sorbet. 

Raspberry Ripple is a sweet scent that gives off ice cream notes with it’s creamy base and will transport you to summer days. Wild mint is a strong true to name scent that adds that extra burst of scent and freshness. This combination was a winner straight away! 

How much to use?

Raspberry and Mint Sorbet can be achieved by mixing one and a half parts wild Mint to one part Raspberry Ripple. The great thing about mixology is that not only is it fun and can involve the whole family, it is also a great way to find a new favourite fragrance. If, when you make this mix yourself find that it can be tweaked further to your tastes, go for it. Add more of one thing, or less of another and if you want to add something extra too. That is what mixology is all about!

Let us know what you thought of this week's mixology, and let us know if you have any other ideas for future ones. Have fun and mix them scents up!

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