How to make Soy Tealights

We all use plenty of tealights in a year, and a great way of reusing your used wax melt is to make your own soy tealights. This can be a fun activity for all the family. 

Using Our leftover soy wax not only saves money but is better for the environment too as it is natural and 100% renewable. Soy wax is non-toxic and produces up to 90% less soot than paraffin candles. 

So to get started making your own there are a few things you will need to get first. 

Things you will need to make soy tealights:

Tealight cups 

We only ever recommend using 4 hour tealights, so for the purpose of this guide we will stick to that. Get yourself some empty 4 hour tealight cups. You can buy them from Amazon by clicking here.

Tealight Wicks

You'll need pre-waxed wicks that are suitable for soy wax, which is very different to paraffin wax so it's important you get the correct wicks. For the purpose of making them from home we recommend getting a pack off Amazon, you can buy some by clicking here.

Glue Dots

These glue dots will do the job of holding your wicks to the bottom of your tealight cups, again, you can buy them from Amazon by clicking here.

Time to make your soy tealights!

Whilst you have your favourite scents melting away in your warmers you can start to prepare your tealights.

Step 1

Place a glue dot on the bottom of the wick and stick this into the centre of the tealight cup. Complete this for each tealight.

Step 2

We would recommend laying out kitchen roll/Baking paper to protect your surfaces from possible spillages.

Once you have finished with your wax melt allow it to cool slightly but not to solidify. This will allow you to pour the wax without burning yourself or damaging your surfaces if spilt.

Then simply pour the wax into each tealight cup making sure that the wicks are completely straight and centered for safe burning. 

Step 3

Allow the tealights to cure overnight before using to ensure they are fully set. 

It’s as easy as that! 

Now you are ready to start melting and enjoying your Cosy Pods all over again. Plus with these tealight cups you can simply clean them out and reuse, saving more money. No more popping to the shops to buy tealights when you run out :)