I love Baby Powder Wax Melts

When starting Cosy Candles my dream was to bring you amazing scents you can enjoy again and again in the comfort of your own home, without all the hassle of spending hours searching the shelves.

I am a big candle and wax melt fan, and it’s very rare when i don’t have a melt burning in the evening. I enjoy the aroma and atmosphere a fragrant scent brings to my home. I definitely enjoy clean, fresh scents at home and so we made our first fragrance. Baby Powder!

Baby Powder is a fresh, delicious scent that fills our living room with a clean aroma and leaves our guests asking what the amazing smell is. My husband also appreciates the lovely scent, after a long day at work. Even if i do light it every night!

Our Baby Powder fragrance will be available in wax melt, candle and reed diffuser options. I can’t wait to bring you more delicious scents soon.

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