January 2020 VIP Subscription Unboxing

After the heavy foodie scents that always dominate the Christmas period, we wanted to start 2020 with a selection of clean and fresh scents, and boy were they popular!

January 2020 was our most popular subscription box to date, we had a record number of members and when we released the scents to the public we sold out within a matter of hours. We have now fully replenished stock of these scents and they are continuing to prove very popular amongst our customers.

So let's jump into it and describe each scent for you.

Duvet Day
We initially launched Duvet Day in the Autumn of 2019 for a limited time, it was so popular with our customers that we had to bring this back as a permanent addition to our collection.

Duvet day is a fresh, clean and uplifting scent, it has been compared to the aroma of Dove soap by our customers and has been one of the most popular scents we've ever launched.

Mr Grey
A masculine blend of crisp apple, coriander Seed, Cardamon. Heart notes of frankincense, Szechuan pepper, myrrh and base notes of vanilla pod, Bubinga Wood and Patchouli. This is a luxurious masculine scent, which will surely have you coming back for more.

Snug Bug
Soothe the senses and experience the relaxing embrace of bergamot, rosemary and peppermint wrapped in a comforting medley of lavender and geranium. This fresh aroma is uplifting and has a long-lasting scent throw that will make your home smell incredible.

Tumble Fresh
An unmistakable scent of fresh sheets and clothes. That gorgeous clean scent has been captured in this stunning wax melt.

These are all available to buy individually or as a bundle of 4 at a reduced rate here.

If you are not currently a Cosy VIP member, then you are missing out on a huge amount of benefits available only to VIP members. You can read about all of this here

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