Should I use a Tealight or Electric Wax Warmer?

Scented wax melts are an amazing creation that have risen in popularity in the last few years. They are small, versatile and a fantastic option for helping thousands of homes smell absolutely stunning.

But what should I melt my wax melts in? We hear you ask.

With so many types of warmers out there, we understand that it can be an overwhelming thought of which one to choose. 

Because when you think of it, it's not only which warmer will efficiently warm your wax melt, but also something that will look beautiful in your home.

So let's look at what the options are when shopping for the perfect wax melt warmer.


Tea-Light Warmers

tea-lightwaxwarmer,mixologywaxwarmer,tealightsTea-lights warmers are a more traditional option and still an incredibly popular choice in many homes.

And to point out the obvious… Yes this means the need to stock up on tea-lights. However we have a nifty little trick to cutting down on expense and waste with this necessity.

With using a tea-light your wax warmer will get hot enough to release the scent into your room but there are still a few tips you need to know to get the best out of our wax.

The quality of the tea-light makes a big difference. Ensuring you use soy wax tea lights will avoid releasing toxic chemicals and unwanted paraffin soot into your home.

  • Use 4 hour tea-lights 

Your wax warmer will be getting very hot with each use and will need a break to cool off for a little while so it can continue to do its job efficiently. If you use an 8 hour tea-light the fragrance will be burning off at a much faster rate than when using a 4 hour one. Thus the lovely fragrance will be burnt off prematurely. 

  • Avoid tiny warmers 

If your burner is too short it will burn off the scent of the oil very fast and result in you not enjoying the aromas for very long at all. This can also cause a fire hazard as well if there is not much distance between the top of the tea-light flame and the bottom of the warmer dish. As the warmer gets hotter and hotter the dish could crack causing the wax to flood the tea light well or even the flames to lick up the side of the burner. The optimal size between your tea-light flame and the wax is 11cm. 


Electric Hot-Plate Warmers 

led,electric, hot-plate,waxwarmers,soywaxmeltElectric hot-plate warmers are a popular choice these days, and so with this comes many varieties of them. They are mains powered and typically have an easy to locate on/off switch on the power lead or are touch sensitive.

The attached hot-plate will gently warm a small glass dish that your wax melts sit in and fill the air with it's delicious aromas. Genius!

These are a great option for anyone wishing to let the warmer do it's thing with less supervision than a tea-light warmer. 

And an added benefit is that some electric hot-plate warmer varieties are designed to look like handcrafted ceramic bowls while others have led lights brilliantly designed into the main body of the warmer, these led warmers will give you a mesmerising show of different colours. 

Electric wax warmers are a great way to release our fragrances into your homes without the worry of open flames.

This is a big benefit to some people who may have young children or animals around the home. The led electric hot-plate warmers can also double up as a lamp too, and cast a very cosy atmosphere.


Electric Wax Warmers 

electric,waxwarmer,soywaxmeltsElectric wax warmers have been a go to choice for some time now, however they heat the wax with a small halogen bulb. With the ban on all halogen bulbs being sold in the UK from September 2021, using these is going to be a tad trickier, when the bulb is in need of a change.

Why have these bulbs been banned?

Quite simply, they are energy-hungry, expensive, and inefficient. So reducing the general use of these will contribute to cutting carbon emissions in the UK, by 1.26 million tonnes a year.

On the positive side of not being able to source these bulbs, you and many other homes will save some pennies, as they typically use larger amounts of electricity than the led alternatives.

Can I still use my electric warmer?

Yes of course, however due to the ban you may now find it difficult to purchase the correct bulbs for the device.

Which wax melt warmer will you choose?

Choosing the correct wax warmer set up is important and you want it to work for you, your home and your family. Whether it is electric or tea light there is always a set up and warmer for you. We hope this information has been helpful in guiding you to choosing the warmer set up to suit you.


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