Summer scented soy wax melts

For those of you who aren't ready to see the end of the summer sun don't worry, you don't have to. Our collection of summer inspired scents are still available to buy in soy wax melt form. You never have to say goodbye to the summer again with our highly scented collection.

From sweet scents such as Raspberry Ripple and Bubblegum to floral scents such as Rose or Lavender we have an aroma that’s perfect for you or a loved one. Our wax melts make for a great gift, and are perfect to pop into a stocking. It is that time of the year when you need to start looking out for them little stocking fillers.

This summer was a very hot one here in England, and we have a range of scents that will fill your home with aromas reminiscent of long lazy summer days. Every month we release new exciting scents that are themed to the time of year or occasion that is happening that month. With August we wanted to pack our shelves and your delivies with sweet, summery aromas.

In August our subscription boxes were jam packed with highly scented soy wax melts all lovingly hand poured with summer fragrances. We unveiled the highly anticipated Raspberry Ripple in August and it was such a huge hit!

Raspberry Ripple is a fruity scent pack full of delicious fragrance. This wonderfully fruity scented soy wax melt will fill your home with the sweet tangy aroma of fresh sweet red raspberries. Enjoy this lovely aroma at home and be transported to fields of fresh grown raspberries without having to leave the house. This scent has been likened to sweet candies and ice cream. What more could you want at summer?

You can get your hands on this delightfully sweet scent in soy wax melt or tin candle form and many of our other summer inspired scents too, so you don't have to say goodbye to the summer yet!

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