Scented soy wax melts - how to use them

Wax melts are, in our opinion, a perfect and fun way to fragrance your home. Here at Cosy Aromas we pride ourselves in creating only the best wax melts. And every single one is handmade, by us, in our UK warehouse.

Every wax melt and other home fragrance products we sell go through thorough testing and evaluations. As the way we see it, if we’re not completely happy with it, then there’s room for improvement before we pass it on to our amazing Cosy customers.

Every month we develop four new scents to be part of our signature collection. These are available in advance if you sign up for our monthly VIP subscription box.

So let’s look at what a wax melt is and how to use it.


What is a wax melt?


A wax melt is a clever blend of fragrance and soy wax. When this is warmed to the it's melting point, the wax supports and enables the fragrance to vaporise with the heat, resulting in a beautiful aroma filling the air.

How do I use my wax melts?

At Cosy Aromas we provide wax melts in two sizes, let’s look at how to use these:


110g soy wax melt pod:


  1. Remove the lid
  2. Either cut the wax into 5-6 segments or take the wax out and break with your hands
  3. Take one segment or broken piece of wax
  4. Place the wax into the dish in your warmer
  5. Turn on the electric warmer or light a tea-light
  6. Sit back and enjoy the fragrance release


25g mini soy wax melt:


  1. Remove the lid
  2. Warm the wax with the palms of your hands for a few seconds by rolling it back and forth.
  3. Pop the bottom of the pot whilst holding onto the top, this will separate the wax from the container
  4. Tip the wax into the dish in your warmer and recycle or reuse the container
  5. Turn on the electric warmer or light a tea-light warmer
  6. Sit back and enjoy the fragrance release

Once you have finished enjoying the scent of your wax melt, let it cool into it's solid form. 

Then, when you are ready to change it to a new wax melt, warm the current one for approx 10-20 seconds and it will slide right our of the dish.

Your used wax melts can be put straight into the waste bin or they can be reused in some fun craft projects.

Give the wax warmer a wipe with a clean cloth or tissue and start the whole process again with your next scent. 


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