What are soy wax melts and how do I use them?

At Cosy HQ we pride ourselves in making highly scented colourful wax melts for you to enjoy in your home or to give a special person a great gift. But what is a Wax Melt? Wax Melts are highly scented, colourful soy wax carefully and lovingly sculpted to be used in wax warmers that will release scent into your home. Wax Melts are a great addition to any home and come in many different scents, so you’ll always find something to suit you. We hand melt, pour and craft our wax melts here in the UK.

Using our wax melts in all their forms is easy:

  • For Cosy Pods simply break a small amount off (we recommend no less than 1/4 ). Our Mini Melts are all 5g each and we recommend using approximately 3-4 at a time

  • Place your chosen scent in the warmers designated wax space

  • Turn your warmer on. ( Our melts can be used in either a tea light or electric warmer. )

  • Sit back and enjoy heavenly scent !!!

When you have finished your wax melt simply warm the wax and once the wax is pliable pop out the wax out into the bin. Give the wax warmer a wipe with a clean cloth and choose your next scent. 

    If you have any other questions you'd like answered or explored just let me know. Thank you for reading.