What's your favourite Summer wax melt?

As this blog is being written it’s currently blowing a hoolie and lashing it down with rain! (You gotta love the British weather🙄) So let’s brighten up the day and do 6 must have scents for Summer - Recently launched as a summer collection box, a gorgeous gift for someone special (NB: that includes yourself!😉) but all these pods can be bought individually as well.

Pineapple & Coconut

Freshly cut pineapple is the first thing that will tantalise your nose buds when you warm this melt, followed by the unmistakable “holiday” scent of coconut! Perfect for transporting you back to those heady days of sun, sea and sand, so kick off your flipflops and enjoy this tropical aroma breezing through your home...

Summer Days

A wonderful delicate, yet invigorating scent, bursting with spring flowers and a touch of cedar. There is a real ‘fresh laundry with a twist’ aroma about this melt making it perfect for filling your home with that “mmmmm” scent that is so popular. Pop one in your basket, you won’t regret it!

Rhubarb Gin

Did someone say Gin? .... sold!! A mouthwatering combination that has a strong and refreshing aroma. The rhubarb gives it that zesty vibe and uniqueness that only rhubarb can (a much underrated plant in our opinion.. big up the rhubarb!!) mixed together with a gin twist that gives this melt a modern scent, a lovely addition to the ever-growing collection of Cosy melts!

Raspberry Ripple

Fruity, fresh and fabulous! The refreshing wafts of freshly picked raspberries will uplift you and sooth your soul🙏🏼 A moreish and vibrant scent that tingles in your nose long after the tea lights gone out. For the Cosy fans out there that like a bit of mixology, add a little bit of the Wild Mint melt or even Vanilla for that “Icecream” vibe .... absolutely gorgeous😍

Summer Fruits

Reminiscent of fruit salads (the sweeties) the divine mix of strawberry and raspberry is as epic on your nose as it is on your tongue (as previously stated in other blogs please don’t eat wax melts .... however good they smell!!) You will also get a hint of citrus and vanilla in this lovely little melt - mmmmm yumcious!

Purple Rain

Summer scent? Rain? .... Actually yes! this gorgeous fruity mix of cranberry, lemon and lime is based on the hugely popular cocktail and summer favourite there is even a little whiff of vodka added, all the joy and no hangover ... result! Aren’t we good to you 😉

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