Life in Full Bloom - May 2022

This May we welcomed 4 beautiful new fragrances to our permanent wax melt collection. This scents have been specifically designed to fill your home with the fragrances of spring to enjoy. 

Tamar has worked alongside our manufacturers to create 4 fragrances that we feel will help bring your spring to full bloom. And here they are: 

Blossoming Beauty

A beautiful bouquet of white jasmine, powdery rose, and sweet peony, wrapped in warm musk and tangy raspberry. If you enjoy a soft delicate floral wax melt you'll love this one. 

Forest Violet 

Soft and sweet notes of white tuberose and vibrant jasmine layered with powdery orris and silky violet. Talk a walk through the forest, stop and admire the beautiful purple violets among a sea of green. 

Spring In Your Step 

Bright notes of bergamot and orange flower resting on a bed of petals from jasmine, tuberose, and ylang-ylang, before completing notes of orris and patchouli. This fragranced wax melt will help fill you with the joys of spring. 

Sweet Lullaby 

A serenade of orange blossom, ylang, frangipani and carnation, the sweet tune of Spring is ringing through the air. With a rich balsamic and woody base this lullaby is simply too good to share

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