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Welcome to the Cosy Weekly, where we share what has been happening in the warehouse at Cosy HQ.


How did your week at Cosy Aromas start?

Paul and Tamar love keeping the team happy, by stocking up on some snacks and drinks for the kitchen. So it was a trip to Makro to get some goodies for the staff kitchen.

However they both decided to avoid the chocolate aisle because apparently we’ve all had more than our share of it over Christmas… outrageous! 

It’s safe to say that I speak on behalf of everyone here.. That chocolate is a daily requirement, not a luxury. Ptff!! 

But honestly we all really appreciate everything Paul and Tamar do and having the kitchen stocked up with goodies is simply an amazing perk.


What has Paul been up to?

Paul started his week by secluding himself away in his office, sorting through marketing and the accounts. He was in and out of business calls making sure everything was going to plan.

And a big reason for this is that we are looking at potentially acquiring 3 other businesses that we can fold into what we do here at Cosy.

So busy times ahead as we would love to expand the company this year.


We have some exciting NEWS!!

We’d like to share with you some fantastic news. We have had an offer of employment accepted.

This is especially exciting for design and marketing, as this is to expand this team. So we’d like to welcome our new team member, Emma, who will be in charge of photography.

So in the coming days, you’ll see some glossy images as Emma will be flexing her photography skills all over our social media platforms.

Keep an eye out for a new product launch for Valentines Day.

Whilst the team have been busy bees, stocking up and getting ahead of the Cosy wax melt pour list, they've also been working on a little something extra.

As well as our scentimental candle collection we have another treat in store.

On Tuesday the team were working hard preparing the Valentines Gift Boxes. This is a brand new product for us. It contains two of our Cosy pods and a candle, in limited edition scents, 

These brand new boxes are gorgeous, each with instructions inside. There are 3 designs in total, all designed by our creative designer, Lauren.

We felt it important to create these around not only gifting them towards your valentine's crush or partner, but also for those celebrating friendships or living their best single lives.

Tamar talks about how she loves to see the process from creation to completion of the Cosy products, as so much work goes into them in all the different stages.


On Wednesday Paul went on a little adventure to Bury St. Edmunds, to scope out the new shop and discuss design plans with the interior designer.

Although we felt a tad sorry for them as after a long 4 hour drive they only needed to measure the place up for 10 minutes. But that’s the nature of their job we suppose. 

And well, WE HAVE THE KEYS!!

“First time I’ve been in the shop by myself and we’re right next to Costa. This is a proper, proper high street shop.” _Paul

The shop location is an absolute gem, as it’s centred in the middle of the Arc shopping centre, next to Costa and opposite Joules.

So if you are looking to pay Cosy Aromas a visit, keep a note of this as we’ll be announcing the opening of our 3rd Cosy Aromas shop very soon.


Questions for our Leading Lady.

We had a few questions come in about Cosy Aromas, so we challenged Tamar in a quick fire round to answer them.

How do you come up with all the different scents and collections for it?

This year we have sat down and had a nice long meetings about what sort of boxes we’d like to release. We like to do different themes for each month, and we’d like that theme to tie in with that month. 

So the January VIP subscription box was New Year, New Energy. From there I get in touch with the fragrance house I work with. Send them lovely long emails, a nice long brief of the type of things I would like. 

Then I get sent all the samples in and make them all up so that I can test them. Which is the fun part. 

Our testing process is very, very long. I have to do them way in advance.

How do the labels come to life? Do we create the label first or do we get the colour of the pod right first?

Well that is a design question. 

I give all the info to Lauren, who is our creative designer. It’s the full scent description, scent notes and what we are going to use the product for. 

And from then, Lauren designs our label. Once Lauren has done this she will send it back to myself and Paul, we will discuss whether we are definitely happy with it. If it fits in with our theme. 

I then work with her to work out the exact colour and then with Erika, who is our production team leader, to work out the exact colourings we will need, then we can pass that information over to our production team.

It’s a lot of work that goes into it, but it’s all worth it.

We’ve learnt from mistakes in the past from sending out things that we weren't entirely happy with and receiving the comments from this. 

So there is definitely a lot of testing phases in a lot of different places in different warmers.

What’s been going on in the warehouse?

Firstly we have had a move around in Craft HQ. This is so we can get ready for more growth this year. Currently we have about 50 fragrance oils, but with this new system we will have space for approximately 150 oils. 

This of course is very exciting to us all.

Then over in Cosy Aromas we decided our mini sample wax melts needed re-organising. Originally we had them in small picking boxes. So we’ve upgraded the box size so we can keep more in them. 

It also makes space for more scents to be released as we grow as a company.

It’s coming together quite nicely now.

And that's a wrap!

That’s it for this week's episode, if you’d like to follow along with us on our Cosy journey then click the Youtube subscribe and notification button, on the video above.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, if you'd like to continue learning more about Cosy Aromas and the team, come and read our other blogs:

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