Weekly Blog 82 - New Recruits & Big Plans

Welcome to Cosy weekly.

This week Paul started by reviewing the photo wall that we have in our Cosy HQ shop. This is to show any visitors a little behind the scene of the Cosy story, where we started and how far we have come.

We always look forward to adding this.


Bury St. Edmunds shop

We are still very much excited about shortly opening a Cosy shop in Bury St Edmunds. We hope that the fact that we are all about being handmade and local will greatly appeal to anyone taking a stroll around this beautiful Cathedral town. 

We love the gorgeous variety of independent shops in Bury and are thrilled to soon be one of these.


New team member Emma

We had our new team member start this week. Emma is our new photographer. She’s been making her acquaintance with the production team upstairs, busying herself with taking lots of photos of them in action pouring all of the Cosy wax melts.

Emma is going to be a great asset to the marketing team as she recently graduated university in photography. So we are very excited about the images that will be shared in the coming weeks.

Tamar & Paul's business plans

Tamar and Paul have been expanding their plans for world domination and had a meeting in Essex about a potential new business that we may be acquiring. Top secret at the moment… so watch this space.

But there really is no stopping these two!!

Birthday Celebrations

It was a special week at Cosy HQ as it was Tamar’s birthday. And yes, you can probably guess, there’s no rest for the wicked so Tamar and Paul were at work as usual. 

However, this was great for the team as it meant CAKE!! And there was a lot of it. Like enough to feed a small army. Tamar’s cake slices are substantial so a lot of cake is definitely a necessity. 

We even caught Paul in the act of trying to sneak a whole cake into his office. We were confident that he was fairly disappointed when we stopped him in his tracks, and made him cut himself a portion instead. The cheek of it!

As a special treat to themselves, Tamar and Paul went and enjoyed themselves at the Harry Potter Studios on Friday, followed by more cake and treats at Tamar’s parents’ house. So all is good.


VIP wax melt subscriptions

We’ve started pouring the February VIP pour. This year we are doing something slightly different to what we did in 2021. Now we have introduced specific themes to the box, and the theory behind each scent chosen.

The January VIP wax melt subscription box went incredibly well with “New Year, New Energy.” We are elated that each scent was so well received by our amazing Cosy following.

This really was a great start to 2022 and the reason we put so much into everything we do here at Cosy HQ. 


What is our VIP wax melt subscription box?

It’s a wonderful selection of 4 individual highly scented wax melts that are sent out early to our VIP members. As a VIP member you can have the privilege of trying out the new scents before they are available for general release.

And each month's box is like a little surprise as the scent names and descriptions remain top secret until their general release, later on in the month.

We love seeing the interactions between our Cosy VIPs on the facebook Cosy Community, where they discuss their opinions of the scents and which ones they are melting first. 

It’s also a great place to share photos of the VIP wax melts, of course they are all fantastic at keeping the scents top secret for us.

So what is February’s VIP Theme?

This month it’s called “Cupid’s Arrow.” We of course wanted something that would be in keeping with February being the month of sharing love far and wide. 

And the wax melts labels and accompanying scent card have been beautifully designed by Lauren, our creative designer.

Sign up as a VIP member here


The Office Ladies

Paul popped in to see us in the office during the week, to get us on camera as he realised that we like to hide ourselves away and are usually behind the camera instead of in front of it. And it turns out that we all love to talk.


What has Zena been up to this week?

Scheduling the many social media posts, liaising with our PR team, recording video of behind the scenes as well as having fun with the team in making Tik Toks and writing up blogs.

This weeks blogs include:

What is a wax melt

How to use wax melts

What has Lauren been up to?

Working on a lot of designs as we are gradually updating the packaging for our products. Lauren loves packaging, it’s definitely her favourite thing to do here.


What has Tamar been up to?

Tamar has been busy in discussion with our fragrance manufacturers for some new and exciting scents to add to our Cosy collection.

There’s a lot of planning and components that go into creating new scents from testing, developing, licensing, designing, delivery logistics and production. So when one aspect slips it can greatly affect the rest.

This unfortunately is an issue we ran into this week with delays to supplier deliveries. However with each hurdle comes new knowledge gained and an opportunity to grow.

And of course this keeps Tamar on her toes.


At the end of the week we topped up on the wax melts that are part of our existing collection. We start by pouring the wax into the pods, let them cool, then take them over to the finishing table where the labels are carefully attached.

Then they are ready to be taken down to dispatch, for Jess and Emma to make up your orders.

Special guest appearance

We have had a special guest with us in the warehouse this week, Tamar’s sister Deanna, who’s been helping us label many products, as well as getting a little distracted chatting with Tamar and myself about hot chocolates, dinners and the vast amounts of birthday cake Tamar has shared with us all.

But who can blame us really, food is our love language after all.

Expanding Cosy Aromas to Europe

As you may be aware we have expanded our little slice of scented heaven into the European market, with a German distributor, so this week we have also been preparing these orders ready to be sent overseas.

We are so happy with the response from our new German contacts, as they have only just launched their shop last week and have already sold out, so now we are producing more for them as they’ve made a much larger order.

So they are definitely going to keep us busy.

Thank you all for watching or reading.

If you would like to continue learning more about our Cosy journey, then follow the link below.

Growing a wax melt business 

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